Client "Thank yous" say something about how you run your business and what each client means to you. Our first choice for a thank you is a hand written note. We think that is priceless. But you can always sweeten the pot with some of these gift ideas.

Stager Girl Office Inspiration

 Sister Ex and I have this table and chair in our NEW warehouse space. We are glamming it up so we have an inspiring space for our big Stager ideas!

We will add a bit of Kelly Wearstler inspiration:

As the Stager girls say "an O.S. chair" for some down time. (When that would be I know not...)

And finish with a wall of art. We are currently buried in stacks of that at the moment.
 Presto! Our office is complete. Photos to follow of the real deal Stager Girl office.

My DIY Bulletin Board

I first spotted the beginnings of my bulletin board in the back of my girlfriend's garage.

Brought it home and painted it. Then added the cork in the frame. I admit I did a lousy job with the cork but soon my pictures will completely cover it.

The VERY beginning stages of my collage. Check out George Michael, so dreamy. I've had that photo since the 1980's.

Soon you will see photos of my entire studio as I add, edit, decorate and hang this enormous board.