Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

We are incredibly lucky to be able to travel around our city and work in these beautiful homes. We start each day at our warehouse describing the home and possible potential buyers and the design evolves through our collaboration. 

Sister Tara often shops Seattle and online for our staging pieces. We thought we would connect you to some affordable pieces that are similar. Happy Shopping!

HGTV'S New Shows

So many of us have been fans of Chip & Joanna's show Fixer Upper for 5 years (or 5 seasons that is). I even got the husband to sit down with me and watch it and actually enjoy it. Their new show Behind the Design  goes into more design detail and staging! The woodworker that they use, Clint Harp, even got his own show. 

These shows are important to us Stager Girls because it's what our clients see. Home Buyers and Sellers see the transformation of homes on these shows and want to "wow" and be "wowed" when buying & selling homes as well.  We staged a home for a client and she said "just do it like JoJo would". I think it was one of our top 10 favorite projects because we had the challenge of infusing her style in our work. 

There is also, Erin & Ben Napier who fix up homes in the South. Their show is called Home Town. 

But the show I am most excited about is a designer, blogger, author, Lauren Liess who I have been following for years. I love her style, love that she works so hard and is pregnant with her 5th child!

She has written a design book, moved several times, designed rooms in show houses, blogged and all the things designers do. The pilot has been approved and now we all just need to love it.

You Asked!

Time to talk about my favorite thing: LAMPS.

When staging we typically use matching lamps on the night stands and statement or interesting lamps on tables, consoles, and dressers. Here are a few that are perfect for nightstands.

All of the lamps below are from Wayfair. Click and be linked! I will share more of our lamp sources later. 

Now for your statement lamps:

And floor lamps:

Yes! The Market is Hot but you still need to go the distance

We hear it all the time. "The market is so hot that my house will sell itself". My sister and I are in hundreds of homes consulting and staging. We are blown away when we get resistance to painting out the red dining room that was hot in the 90's, the sponge painting of the bedrooms, the wallpaper border that trails around the room. Yes, it was great back in the day but it will not do the job of appealing to a larger group of potential buyers. I know you only need 1 buyer but appeal to many so that you can help drive up the price of your home.

If you want to make the most money selling possibly the largest asset you have then follow the exercise below:

 1. Grab you're smart phone or camera and head to the front of of house. 

2. Take photos of the front yard, side yard and back yard.

3. Head inside your home and do the same for each room.

4. Review each photo and make a list of what your potential buyers will see and where you need to make changes. Voila! the beginning of your "to-do" list.

Your goal is to make it look like your home has been well maintained and loved.

The next steps are equally important:


2. LISTEN TO THE ADVICE AND EXPERIENCE OF YOUR AGENT. (they are well trained, well connected and have their finger on the market)

3. MAKE A LIST OF RECOMMENDED REPAIRS IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE AND START THE WORK. (refer to that well connected agent of yours for help with professionals) 

This sells:

This does not:


Paper Source Colorscope


Content and balanced

people find you calming to be

around. You're happiest when

helping others and often find

yourself playing the role of

peacemaker. Alas, your

too-kind heart can cause

you to be easily duped.

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"Greenery" is the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year and it is getting some heavy use by designers across the land. We are starting to bring it in our stagings in the form of living plants, throw pillows, throws, accessories and art.

Kirkland Staging

We don't show all of our stagings or I would be in front of my computer all day but I did want to share a recent favorite. 

Velvet Finishes Paint Line

The Stager Girls are working daily staging away leaving us little time to re-purpose our furniture that looks tired and uninspiring. We have been experimenting with Velvet Finishes paint line that I picked up on Salt Spring Island last summer. No sanding, No priming-what a dream project. Will let you see what our first project looks like once completed.

Tons of colors to choose from so let the transformation begin!

Tons of colors to choose from so let the transformation begin!

You asked!

We love the freshness and simplicity of a Matelesse Coverlet. Each summer, my master bedroom gets this crisp look. Often we are asked where we shop for our staging pieces. Here are a few connections for the Matelasse Coverlet. Click on the links below the photos and start shopping!