New Construction Bellevue

How decadent to move into such a beautifully built home. It flows so well, has great multi functioning spaces and all over well designed. We love staging Winfield Homes.

I am showing you the back of the home because I love the outdoor space.

I am showing you the back of the home because I love the outdoor space.


Listing by Tiffany Schmitz for Keller Williams, staging by Open House LLC and construction by Winfield Homes.

Lakemont Staging

This was an enormous staging project in a big ol' beautiful home. I would love to sit down with the original homeowner and find out where the inspiration came from. There is an Asian vibe, a tree house vibe, a Ralph Anderson vibe (see what I mean right here.) and it all works! We had to marry our furniture, accessories and linens with the homeowner's art and paint colors so we stayed with neutrals. It worked!


Listing by Shelly Zhou for Coldwell Banker Bain, photos by Jon Wilbanks for JWphotos and the bad ass staging is by us at Open House Staging. Check out the video tour here.

Get Our Look!

We just had to share.

Often we are racing through our day doing our staging thing without any sort of pause. It was not until I saw these photos on the MLS that I realized we never stopped to take it all in. When the builder phoned with compliments I went back to see the job and felt like I should share it.


Staging Bellevue

These Stager girls actually worked in shifts on Saturday to finish this job. We had to load in without heat. The inside of the house was in the 40 degrees range. You could see our breath as we miserably worked away. Finally too cold to be creative we had to abort mission until the heat was repaired. That led us to the Saturday. Our Stager Girls are a motivated bunch and pushed these Sisters to finish on a Saturday. Love the results and I love our Stager Girls.

Listing by Feng Cai for Regency Realty and Staging by Open House Staging.  Photography by Gregory White.

Waterfront Staging

We all enjoyed working on this project. Everywhere you look-a visual feast. Sister Ex did an amazing job selecting the fine art from Grand Image and together these Staging Sisters found a stunning dining table that just made the room sing.

A reminder to you all that I am taking snaps from my crappy little camera. Typically at the end of each job we are far to exhausted to turn on all the lights and get amazing photos.

Guest room...

All finished!!

Listing by Jane Powers for Ewing and Clark and Staging by Open House LLC.