Day in the Life of a Stager Girl


Maybe it is because we are like a band of Sisters hanging out with each other daily. But it’s true that we all showed up for work in a camo kind-of-vibe and just had to take a team photo.

Staging Team.jpeg

Pictured on our loading dock are: Tara, Erin Jo, Kristen and our newbie Gwen

Photo: J. Merrywell Productions

Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

Often we chuckle at the glamorous work life we live. We get to start in a freezing cold warehouse on those fall and winter days, we get to load fragile things in and out of our cars, carry work bags & cleaning bags, fold bedding, and oh so many more "glamorous" activities.


We carry things when our Movers are not around...

We carry things when our Movers are not around...

We prep and pay attention to the details for photo shoots.

We prep and pay attention to the details for photo shoots.

We steam the bedding, chairs, pillow,etc.

We steam the bedding, chairs, pillow,etc.

We add the throw pillows, then fluff them, try others, rinse and repeat.

We add the throw pillows, then fluff them, try others, rinse and repeat.

The "glamour" comes in the form of seeing the finished product..."pat pat pat on the back back back", the beautiful pieces we own, the incredible art we have been acquiring, the stunning views we look out on, the sweet cottages we come across, the sexy high rise condos, the homes on the water and the clients we can make happy though our work. 

Staging Bellevue

These Stager girls actually worked in shifts on Saturday to finish this job. We had to load in without heat. The inside of the house was in the 40 degrees range. You could see our breath as we miserably worked away. Finally too cold to be creative we had to abort mission until the heat was repaired. That led us to the Saturday. Our Stager Girls are a motivated bunch and pushed these Sisters to finish on a Saturday. Love the results and I love our Stager Girls.

Listing by Feng Cai for Regency Realty and Staging by Open House Staging.  Photography by Gregory White.

Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

We seldom take the time to sit down and take in the beauty of the spaces we get to work in. A view of our beautiful city is one reason to chill for a moment. We may need to become friends with the new owners so that we can be invited to a fancy pants party in this fancy pants place.

 Last minute detailing is always important and Jo is a pro in the detail area.

 Ready to bring the final load to our cars. Another day at the Stager Girl "office".

Back to College

All the Stager girls have had to send their kids back to school this week. We celebrate our kids' choices, we struggle with their choices, we listen quietly to their dreams, we marvel at the laundry they produce, the food they consume and the additional bodies in the house. Off they go with their bad ass dreams of what they will become and the adventures they will create

This Middle Sister had to photograph the daughter's saving jar that is New York bound.

Best Consulting Day Ever

Just another day at the office...

I promised the agent I would give no information as to where I was yesterday for her upcoming listing. We worked together to fine tune the property and ready it for the market. I just had to
show off  let you know there is a very special place coming on the market. More in a month or so...

Warehouse Hangover

We said goodbye to our waterfront warehouse and moved to the U Village area. What an expensive and exhausting endeavor. I want to say "never again!" but never say never...

Our sale was busy and helped us make room for other fabulous furniture.

Always be careful bringing a baby. These Stager Girls have high schoolers and college age kids so a baby hold is in high demand. It appears Jodi won this bout.

Madison Park Condo

It's always fun to stage in Madison Park. We have staged in this building several times so what a surprise to see the newly remodeled shared spaces. Fresh and hip. Typical fashion for us is to race out of our staging on to another job. Instead we took time to take photos in the lobby of the building.

The framed art is the 1962 phonebook cover. Brilliant!

I love that the designer planned ahead for Christmas and purchased decorations inline with the design.

Now on to the sweet condo. We have had snow threats so the skies are dark.

Listing by Jason Viydo for Windermere and Staging by Open House LLC.