Sisters Erin and Tara are here to help with the marketing of your biggest asset-your home.

Connect with them to guide you through the process of preparing your home for the market. Open House can do as little as help edit your existing furniture and give you paint colors to neutralize your home or stage your home with our fabulous collections of furniture, art and accessories. They have been through this process themselves several times. Open House can make is so much easier!

Erin Quigley- Principal, Stager

Something people do not know about me: I have a blackbelt in Hapkido, which was a 7 year journey.

Funniest staging moment: In the early years of staging we were hanging a heavy mirror with the agent nearby. Both Tara and I came crashing down off the ladder and fell to the floor. Tara’s cute hat was askew after the landing, which caused us to break out in uncontrollable and unstoppable laughter.

Best piece of furniture in your house: Either my robin’s egg blue dining table or my West Elm mirrored desk which sits in our entry way.

Tara Nelson- Principal, Stager

Growing up moment: I have to thank my first boss at Red Robin – yes, Red Robin Burgers! I was a hostess and apparently terrible. My boss called me into her office one day and said, “You aren’t doing a great job, you don’t know table numbers, you slam waiters with too many seatings at once and you are too nervous to take the lead. You need to get your act together or…”  I think the problem was I thought the job was beneath me so I did it poorly. But after that talk, I got my act together and became the best hostess they ever had! Never think a job is beneath you. Do the best at everything you do.

Funniest staging moment: In our early days Erin and I did most of the moving ourselves. Although it built character (and the business) it was not something we broadcasted. One day a client showed up when we were moving out of their small bungalow and they asked where our movers were. I said they weren’t feeling well but we needed to get the job done! We laughed the rest of the day!

Fave piece in the warehouse: Anything lucite!


Meet our team of amazing women.


Jo Lavallee- Lead Stager and Queen of Luxury

Favorite room: The bedroom-the ultimate sanctuary. Who doesn’t want a bed to dive into and welcome you at the end of the day?

Secret weapon: The throw pillow! It can change the vibe of a room, freshen the space and create comfort-all for a relatively small price. No painting or remodeling necessary!

Favorite piece of furniture: My Mother’s unique wingback chair. I had a slipcover made and added fun throw pillow and it feels oh-so-current. While she has passed on, it continues to comfort me and encourage wonderful conversations with my own daughters.


Jodi Merrywell- Fab Stager and Tech Guru

Most relaxed: Hanging with my family by a pool, a lake or a beach in any warm weather destination!

Fave color to design with:  Blue (Navy or Ice Blue)

Secret Weapon: The Magic Eraser - it is a miracle worker.


Kristen Piedra- Calming Force and Accessories Curator

Fave wardrobe piece: Nothing beats a great black cashmere cardigan

Comfort food: SpaghettiOs

Funniest staging moment: Our Monday morning meetings always have at least one comical moment or story to start off the week right!


Terry Humann- Dollars and Sense Maven

Favorite Spotify station: Steve Tyrell

Food: Anything with an Asian influence

Growing up moment: Living on a cul-de-sac with 70 other children