We are preparing for several shipments of new furniture so we are selling everything for ridiculously low prices.

Imagine lightly used sofas, love seats, dining tables, side tables, dining chairs, living room chairs, bar stools, art & more all for CHEAP prices.

Saturday August 23, 2019

9am to Noon

4640 Union Bay Place NE #C

Seattle 98105

***Weather Permitting***

Get Our Look!

Our team has become masters at staging downtown condos. When Tara and I started this company I remember dreading the condo staging portion of it. You have to manage the concierge, the elevator, loading docks, busy Seattle traffic, parking, carrying supplies from our cars and your timing. Now, we have a system so all of those details can be managed effortlessly. Condos have become a house favorite!


This hip downtown condo is listed by Orvis and Orvis and lovingly staged by us!

Stager Girl Office Inspiration

 Sister Ex and I have this table and chair in our NEW warehouse space. We are glamming it up so we have an inspiring space for our big Stager ideas!

We will add a bit of Kelly Wearstler inspiration:

As the Stager girls say "an O.S. chair" for some down time. (When that would be I know not...)

And finish with a wall of art. We are currently buried in stacks of that at the moment.
 Presto! Our office is complete. Photos to follow of the real deal Stager Girl office.

Warehouse Hangover

We said goodbye to our waterfront warehouse and moved to the U Village area. What an expensive and exhausting endeavor. I want to say "never again!" but never say never...

Our sale was busy and helped us make room for other fabulous furniture.

Always be careful bringing a baby. These Stager Girls have high schoolers and college age kids so a baby hold is in high demand. It appears Jodi won this bout.

Our New Digs

Thrilled to be moving into new "office" space. The floors have since been cleaned and painted, the "rooms" have been carpeted, we have music and are ready to make the transfer of our furnishings.

 Here is the best part: It is waterfront and this is our view! Thanks to Sister's sweet Richard we have our wonderful space. How he found it I know not but here we are...

Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

I don't think we have worked harder in our life as we did these last 2 weeks. This Middle Sister hit a wall with decision making. Overwhelming and overwhelmed. It's lack of warehouse space, not enough time in the day, no actual business hours, tons of work, little time to plan, and just the 2 of us orchestrating this show. 

We start our day at the job site, take notes and power back to the warehouse to load up. This week we have been finishing a job the same day we start a new job which makes the warehouse a buzz of craziness. 

Thursday we had J unloading a job downtown and carefully calculating what she needed to bring to us within the hour and what goes back to the warehouse. Sister Ex is across town picking up a sofa and chair which has swiftly become our favorite while M and I are finishing a home and racing to meet everyone at the new job. For certain it's a rat wheel.

Our last job of the week ended at an amazing condo overlooking Lake Union. I vowed that if it went past 5 pm that I was running to the store for beers.  Amazingly it was 4:30 and my commute home was a mere 10 blocks. This Stager girl is exhausted.

Sister Ex scheduled 4 jobs next week. Should I tell her that I am taking Friday off to be with my BFFs for the weekend?

Leaving the warehouse laden with our work bags and tools.
 Pretending to be a picture framer...
 Working with what girlie tools we have...
 Steaming our sheers, throws, linens....
 Loading out after the job...Ugh.

I guess this would be our board room where all the high powered meetings occur.

Waiting for J to deliver our table and turn this chaos into order.

More Sale Items

Found some more items we are selling Saturday June 2nd 9-1ish. Weather permitting.
6326 22nd Ave NE in Ravenna.

Brown Chaise:

Sassy pink chairs:

White skirted vanity: Well, it could look like this but it needs the skirt added and a fresh paint job and a mirror and a chair. Tee Hee-(other than that it is identical)
Only one ratan chair.

Sweet Vintage Vanity with matching chair:

Oversized art that makes a statement: