Stagers Unite

Sister Extraordinaire and I are heading off to Vegas for a Staging Convention. Yes, there are conventions for Stagers too.

We are leaving the company in the capable hands of our Stager Girls. We have been staging 4-5 jobs each week and what fun seeing the warehouse reduce its inventory. Had a few minutes to rework the Stager Girl office which is getting cuter each time we tweek. Tah Tah for now!

Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

We seldom take the time to sit down and take in the beauty of the spaces we get to work in. A view of our beautiful city is one reason to chill for a moment. We may need to become friends with the new owners so that we can be invited to a fancy pants party in this fancy pants place.

 Last minute detailing is always important and Jo is a pro in the detail area.

 Ready to bring the final load to our cars. Another day at the Stager Girl "office".

Back to College

All the Stager girls have had to send their kids back to school this week. We celebrate our kids' choices, we struggle with their choices, we listen quietly to their dreams, we marvel at the laundry they produce, the food they consume and the additional bodies in the house. Off they go with their bad ass dreams of what they will become and the adventures they will create

This Middle Sister had to photograph the daughter's saving jar that is New York bound.

Stager Girl Office Inspiration

 Sister Ex and I have this table and chair in our NEW warehouse space. We are glamming it up so we have an inspiring space for our big Stager ideas!

We will add a bit of Kelly Wearstler inspiration:

As the Stager girls say "an O.S. chair" for some down time. (When that would be I know not...)

And finish with a wall of art. We are currently buried in stacks of that at the moment.
 Presto! Our office is complete. Photos to follow of the real deal Stager Girl office.

Family Giving

"Dear Santa, Mom said you got lost last year and could not find your way to our house..."
This letter was the beginning of The Forgotten Children's Fund in 1976.

Our yearly outing as a family to wrap gifts for families in need. What a fun time!

Let it be known that we are a very serious family, very serious...

That was not me sticking wrapping paper on Sister Ex!

Best Consulting Day Ever

Just another day at the office...

I promised the agent I would give no information as to where I was yesterday for her upcoming listing. We worked together to fine tune the property and ready it for the market. I just had to
show off  let you know there is a very special place coming on the market. More in a month or so...

Saturday with Redfin

Sister Ex and I were asked to speak about staging to a group of home owners at a Redfin event sponsored by real estate agent Sabrina Booth. For certain she is the Rock Star of Redfin. We are grateful to be asked. Needless to say Sister and I had some good laughs over this crazy Stager Girl journey we have been on.