Mother's Day Picks | Joanna Gaines Style

Every Monday morning our team of Stagers gather to discuss our upcoming jobs, staffing, vacations, weekend plans, funny stories, and blog ideas.  

I loved Jodi's idea of showcasing some of the pieces we like from Joanna Gaines' Hearth and Hand Collection at Target. 

We may have another Mother's Day Gift Giving post from our resident shopping Queen-Tara. Her experience is vast and on trend so cross your fingers and stay tuned.



Jodi-Stager Extraordinaire!



It's Called Curb Appeal

The first thing that tells us about a home is the front of the house. When Sister Ex and I approach a property for a meeting with the seller, you can bet we are critiquing the walkway, garden, front porch, door and the side yard. It all comes into play when selling/marketing your home. If it looks well cared for on the outside then it is probably well cared for on the inside. 

If you want to get the best possible price with the least amount of time on the market then put your very best foot forward. Start with cleaning, repairing, possibly re-carpeting, landscaping, and staging. Even in a booming real estate market it is critical to have your property in top shape.

From Pinterest. What a difference an entrance makes!

From Pinterest. What a difference an entrance makes!

Summer Inspiration

Leaving you all for a week while I head down the road for some R & R.

Just reminding you that there is still time left this summer to have friends over for an outdoor fire, cocktails in the garden, picnic lake side, beach walks, planting a garden, relaxing in a hammock.


Salt Spring Island-Part 2

Gardens and Views
 Gathering greens and edible flowers for our meals

 This beautifully designed gate, fence, rose support gave me an idea for my small city garden.

 This is a result of our day working outside. We cleaned and organized the potting area, J painted the potting bench while Hillary and I tended to planting pots and repairing the outdoor table.