Palm Springs Vacay Time

I am departing from staging and decorating for a moment of travel talk. Been away on vacation but I am back and inspired!

We have this favorite pocket of Palm Springs where we love to stay. It keeps you just blocks from all the downtown energy. Most of these hotels have bikes to share so you can ride in that warm Cali sun.

My sister, Tara, is the Queen of hotels. When you travel with her you take a back seat. She will check out the room, location and make the necessary changes if it is not on par. That comes from her years in the hotel industry.

Had to do this all on my own this time. For me simple is fine but stylish is a must.  

Our last week in Palm Springs was a 10! We stayed at the Avalon Hotel. Where guests fetch their coffee in their fluffy hotel bathrobes, yoga is happening on a balcony, couples are sitting on their lanai planning their day ahead and others lounging poolside reading the newspaper. Incredibly intimate. You do not have to search for a lounge chair because they have 3 beautiful pools-plenty for everyone. Life there just slowly plays out before you...

Avalon Hotel


It's my 3rd time here and I really do want to return but not until I try the hotels below that I found to be just as lovely in their own distinct way. Here is where we stay next:

The Three Fifty Hotel

The Three Fifty Hotel

I met the owner/designer because I got caught stalking the grounds trying to get photos. She took time with us and showed us around. I am sold!

If you phone the hotel personally and use "LOYAL20" they will give you a 20% room discount.

Del Marcos Hotel

This is another fun hotel in that same pocket of Palm Springs that I love. Give me a white bed and I am all good. 


Again, if you phone or book the hotel personally and use "LOYAL20" they will give you a 20% room discount.

La Serena Villas

I got the impression this place would be expensive but it is right in with the others. Love the decor in their restaurant Azucar-especially if you are a Frida Kahlo fan. The pool is beautiful and the rooms are perfectly dreamy.


Use the "Loyal20" code here as well for the 20% discount on your room. Awesome, right?

][photos from the hotel websites and my iphone][

Now,back to the really serious business of staging...

Summer Inspiration

Leaving you all for a week while I head down the road for some R & R.

Just reminding you that there is still time left this summer to have friends over for an outdoor fire, cocktails in the garden, picnic lake side, beach walks, planting a garden, relaxing in a hammock.


Winthrop Love

On our glamping trip we stopped in Downtown Winthrop. Super cute town, easy to shop and lots to see.

 And a cute boy serving them up...Couldn't tear the girls away.

 My kids were unimpressed with this vintage gas pump. I am all too familiar with this style as I remember how many times as a teen filling up from all of our "cruisin'".
 I shall now begin to call all toilets and bathrooms the "washroom". I will start on Monday when we are loading up a truck. I will tell Sister Ex while she is selecting linens that the "washroom" is painted grey. That'll give her a chuckle.

 This city girl is utterly shocked when she sees undeveloped lake front. How refreshing.
 Oh, if life could be this simple. A straw broom (not a swifter) and a tin can (not a plastic, rolly hinged thingy).
Winthrop Love

Airstream Affection

Stole away for a few days for more Airstream fun. So far every trip involves looking at the sky just for the simple beauty of it. This camping thing kind of suits me.  It felt good to experience....
 the shades of blue...

 A lovely sunset...
 A hellish wind storm....
 A bit of calm in the early morning...

Our first outdoor camping breakfast...ever

And a quiet moment alone at the campsite.


Camping destination Wanapum State Park, Vantage, Washington.

Heading Home from Portland

Had a blast shopping and we are now inspired to work on our projects: Staging, kids rooms, Airstream and our office.

 Loved the little white chinese dragon book ends peaking out of the cart.
 Bulletin boards to be painted and hung.
 A mirror dresser on sale with a few needed repairs. The price was too good to pass up.
We get a ton of stares from people when we empty the car and repack for a new purchase. We did it again outside of West Elm. (we were parked for only 5 minutes in the handicap zone and there we many free spaces so don't be annoyed).