Winthrop Love

On our glamping trip we stopped in Downtown Winthrop. Super cute town, easy to shop and lots to see.

 And a cute boy serving them up...Couldn't tear the girls away.

 My kids were unimpressed with this vintage gas pump. I am all too familiar with this style as I remember how many times as a teen filling up from all of our "cruisin'".
 I shall now begin to call all toilets and bathrooms the "washroom". I will start on Monday when we are loading up a truck. I will tell Sister Ex while she is selecting linens that the "washroom" is painted grey. That'll give her a chuckle.

 This city girl is utterly shocked when she sees undeveloped lake front. How refreshing.
 Oh, if life could be this simple. A straw broom (not a swifter) and a tin can (not a plastic, rolly hinged thingy).
Winthrop Love