Winthrop Love

On our glamping trip we stopped in Downtown Winthrop. Super cute town, easy to shop and lots to see.

 And a cute boy serving them up...Couldn't tear the girls away.

 My kids were unimpressed with this vintage gas pump. I am all too familiar with this style as I remember how many times as a teen filling up from all of our "cruisin'".
 I shall now begin to call all toilets and bathrooms the "washroom". I will start on Monday when we are loading up a truck. I will tell Sister Ex while she is selecting linens that the "washroom" is painted grey. That'll give her a chuckle.

 This city girl is utterly shocked when she sees undeveloped lake front. How refreshing.
 Oh, if life could be this simple. A straw broom (not a swifter) and a tin can (not a plastic, rolly hinged thingy).
Winthrop Love

Airstream Affection

Stole away for a few days for more Airstream fun. So far every trip involves looking at the sky just for the simple beauty of it. This camping thing kind of suits me.  It felt good to experience....
 the shades of blue...

 A lovely sunset...
 A hellish wind storm....
 A bit of calm in the early morning...

Our first outdoor camping breakfast...ever

And a quiet moment alone at the campsite.


Camping destination Wanapum State Park, Vantage, Washington.

Airstream Fun

It worked! We had an amazing weekend towing the cute Airstream and setting up camp. Parked outside our home on Queen Anne it was a show stopper. Everyone walking by wanted to tour the trailer and several cars simply stopped or slowed down at the sight. It was hysterical. They bring smiles everywhere they go.

We had the most vintage trailer in the park. Not many go back to 1962. The highlight for me was the delicious food cooked over the fire. The girls loved having their own twin bed and their own space. I could not wipe the smile off my face. What a fun fun weekend! Thank you brother Sean!