Forgotten Children's Fund

These Staging Sisters know how to work in a warehouse! Whether it is selecting furniture for staging or gifts to wrap for children in need.

Our family gathers every year to select and wrap gifts, have dinner together and most importantly toast our brother Bryan, no longer with us, who was on the team of dreamers that created the Forgotten Children's Fund years ago. 

Last year we dressed up as elves and actually got to deliver the gifts from Santa all over the city. Hugely inspiring and rewarding. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tree Trimming

I married into to these special little angels that have been attacked by my cats. This little one just lost an arm yesterday. Isn't it pretty how her hair is tossed across her body?

She looks bundled up in our freezing Seattle weather.

And the simple homemade ornaments by my girls. Thankfully they love pink. A colour which is favored by this middle sister.

Let this be a lesson to the mean people out there.