Erin's Gift Guide


With 3 women in my household you can only imagine how many beauty products we have passing between us. We are all loving Charcoal! Google it. It reduces toxins, whitens teeth and so much more. Here are 3 favorites:

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Leopard print just does not go out of style! Our mother’s even had pieces back in the day. Just a touch here and there and you are stylin’!

When my girls went off to college they missed their cats. Recommended by a much admired friend, I had photos of our cats made into pillows. BEST. GIFT. EVER.

This chopper looks dorky and gimmicky but it’s not. Was gifted it and now I spread the chopper love. Instant Pots really do rock and who can resist a beautiful oven mitt?!

And now for the men in our lives…

I think this will be the gift of the season. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices. (I am not telling who I am giving this to!)

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Christmas Inspiration

The fun thing about the Christmas season is that we get to change things up a bit. It's time to move furniture, clear off tables, add a table cloth, redo the mantle, hang a holiday picture and add sparkle here and there.

After Christmas we make our new years list of thoughts and goals, clean up the decorations, and restyle our spaces. It's nice to shake it up a bit by decluttering, editing, and cleaning. It's all good.

Family Giving

"Dear Santa, Mom said you got lost last year and could not find your way to our house..."
This letter was the beginning of The Forgotten Children's Fund in 1976.

Our yearly outing as a family to wrap gifts for families in need. What a fun time!

Let it be known that we are a very serious family, very serious...

That was not me sticking wrapping paper on Sister Ex!

Forgotten Children's Fund

These Staging Sisters know how to work in a warehouse! Whether it is selecting furniture for staging or gifts to wrap for children in need.

Our family gathers every year to select and wrap gifts, have dinner together and most importantly toast our brother Bryan, no longer with us, who was on the team of dreamers that created the Forgotten Children's Fund years ago. 

Last year we dressed up as elves and actually got to deliver the gifts from Santa all over the city. Hugely inspiring and rewarding. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Indoor Beauty

Had my camera in my bag at Mass on Sunday so I pulled it out (to the embarrassment of my kids) and took some photos. Sometimes I get lost in thought at all the beautiful details and hand painted beams. I would also like to be able to hang the huge lantern light in a home.

Photos of St. John Church by Middle Sister for Open House LLC.

Tree Trimming

I married into to these special little angels that have been attacked by my cats. This little one just lost an arm yesterday. Isn't it pretty how her hair is tossed across her body?

She looks bundled up in our freezing Seattle weather.

And the simple homemade ornaments by my girls. Thankfully they love pink. A colour which is favored by this middle sister.

Let this be a lesson to the mean people out there.

Store Inspiration

Motivated by our colleague and designer "J" to pay a visit to this amazing shop located in Kirkland called Haystack's Antiques.

Beautifully crafted vignettes, inspiring collections and creative displays. I even loved the large dish full of miscellaneous doll arms. I guess it is a collection as odd as it may be.

What it tells me is that I need to get out of the warehouse, off the job site and get inspired.

Christmas Decorating at Home

You would be hard pressed to find any red and green in my home come holiday time. It is all about the icy blues, frosty whites and soft pinks. Here are a few snaps of my Christmas decor.

 The reindeer came a few years ago from Home Depot-I just sprayed him white to fit in with everything else.

 Sister Ex gave me the sweet Santa. She knows my Santa would be dressed in blue.
 I rearranged my mantle when my deer arrived. The mirror is gone and now he reigns supreme.
 My friend J and I made him a pretty wreath collar and  "foraged" our neighbor's yards the city streets for flora and fauna for our arrangements.

 My entry has the only dark piece of furniture in the house. I have been tempted to paint it but I think it anchors and contrasts the other nearby pieces. And yes, I love its worn beat up vibe. Sister Ex, once again, came through with the jewel boxes and the mirror came from auction and belongs with a vanity. Again, I had it sprayed high gloss white to fit with my interior.