Erin's Gift Guide


With 3 women in my household you can only imagine how many beauty products we have passing between us. We are all loving Charcoal! Google it. It reduces toxins, whitens teeth and so much more. Here are 3 favorites:

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Leopard print just does not go out of style! Our mother’s even had pieces back in the day. Just a touch here and there and you are stylin’!

When my girls went off to college they missed their cats. Recommended by a much admired friend, I had photos of our cats made into pillows. BEST. GIFT. EVER.

This chopper looks dorky and gimmicky but it’s not. Was gifted it and now I spread the chopper love. Instant Pots really do rock and who can resist a beautiful oven mitt?!

And now for the men in our lives…

I think this will be the gift of the season. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices. (I am not telling who I am giving this to!)

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HGTV Restored by the Fords

Your design inspiration assignment for the week is to watch this show. A few of us Stager Girls are loving it. 


Photo by High Entertainment for Pittsburg Gazzette

Photo by High Entertainment for Pittsburg Gazzette

I just watched an episode of Restored by the Ford's and loved it! It is a sister and brother team remodeling their way through Pittsburgh. She dreams up creative design ideas and he makes it happen. She reuses and re-purposes pieces from the home or even has floors patched up. Which is a look all on it's own. Her vibe is a "modern yet lived in" look. And white is her favorite "go-to" color.

“We search out Pittsburgh for the coolest homes, the stranger, the weirder, the more unique, the better,” Steve said. “And then Leanne comes in and puts her spin on it, and I go to work.” By: Jessica Galliart for HGTV

Photo:  Heather Mull

This is the project I saw unfold on the show.

Photographer:  Alexandra Ribar

Photographer: Alexandra Ribar

Photographer:  Alexandra Ribar

Photographer: Alexandra Ribar

Photographer:  Alexandra Ribar

Photographer: Alexandra Ribar

Photographer:  Alexandra Ribar

Photographer: Alexandra Ribar

Give it a watch and prepare to be inspired.




Penthouse Staging.

When 4th of July rolled around all of us Stager Girls wanted to celebrate here and enjoy the fireworks over Lake Union on the massive open beautiful deck.  Look out the windows at Seattle!


Next post I will share with you some ideas on how to get this deliciously romantic bedroom look.

Thai Cooking Class

Who can resist a gathering of friends, creating fabulous food and sparkling drinks? What a wonderful evening learning some popular Thai dishes. Terry and Kathy, chefs extraordinaire, spent the time showing us it is all doable.

Thai 77

 The kitchen was set up with stations and recipes. You could bounce around and help or stick to making a single dish.
 Green Papaya Salad
 Thai Basil Beef 
Tom Kha Gai Soup
 I will never purchase any other coconut milk again after having tried this one. Heaven...

3 crab fish sauce
 Fresh Spring Rolls & Dipping Sauce

Bring an apron and join us for the next cooking class. It was so worth it!