Stunning Washington Park

Who doesn’t like the beautiful Washington Park neighborhood with it’s dreamy city homes and spacious gardens? Always happy to stage here.


Our staging in the living room was driven by what we thought was Batchelder tile surround. We come across this design all over Seattle. Some tile surrounds painted over, but most have been left in the original state. This particular fireplace surround is beautiful.

This incredible listing is by Mary Snyder for Compass and the staging by Team Open House.

Capitol Hill Condo

We loved this classic condo in the Betsy Ross on Capitol Hill. We chose to dress it up with a bit of glam here and there. Gold accents are hot right now so we played that up. Enjoy!


Listing by the ever-so-fabulous Team Diva Real Estatestaging by us and the photographs were artfully done by John Wilbanks Photography

Happy Fall Weekend!

Bringing you a taste of fall from one of our rock star designers. She helps with purchasing our furniture, lighting, accessories and art. She manages our warehouse and keeps the ball moving everyday. This Stager Girl prefers to remain in the background but she brings a fabulous signature to our design team that keeps her in the forefront.

Bringing you some FARM CHIC picks all ready for you to click and shop!


The vintage book bundle is cool in a modern vibe vignette or a farm vibe. 

1940's farm pail is perfect at the back door with your cutting shears and gloves ready to step into the garden for flower and herb clipping. I have a few sap buckets that I use for ribbons, wrapping paper and 1 sits by the door with my kids' shoes in it. It's a fun vessel for anything.

The seltzer bottle sitting on a window sill would be so pretty with the light showing through it . Ships from Ukraine. How cool is that?

This is perfect for my farm table. I use it as a center piece and put potted succulents in it. I have even brought it in the house on the dining room table and filled it with candle sticks sitting on stacked books, a vase of twigs and moss and other collectibles I have sitting around waiting to be repurposed.   

And here my friends is your farm table! I have mine in the garden in a covered area with white IKEA chairs around it. I have covered it in butcher paper and left markers on it for guests to write notes, poems, jokes etc. I have put a white upholstery grade vinyl on it to kick it into an all white modern look. Everyone should have a farm table inside or out.

An evergreen boxwood wreath is hardly seasonal. I think sending this to a friend for any occasion would be an excellent idea.

The botanical prints are fitting just about anywhere. Best in a collection or grouping of prints. They remind me of designer, blogger and now HGTV host Lauren Liess.

Sometimes a project is just what the Doc ordered. Send your nature loving friend a DIY terrarium kit.

Just getting the creative gift giving juices flowing with the help of a star Open House Stager Girl and trying to shake up your interior as well. It doesn't take much to freshen your space or send a friend a gift that has a past. HAPPY SHOPPING! 




Capitol Hill Fabulous

I want these photos on my blog forever. This is a lovingly restored old home in one of Seattle's coveted neighborhoods. The home owner wanted to take it with her to her new city and I get it. I would as well. The sun porches are to die for, the views are spectacular and the finishes are enviable. 


The listing is by Cathy Millan for Windermere Real Estate and that fabulous staging that you see is all us! 

Christmas Inspiration

The fun thing about the Christmas season is that we get to change things up a bit. It's time to move furniture, clear off tables, add a table cloth, redo the mantle, hang a holiday picture and add sparkle here and there.

After Christmas we make our new years list of thoughts and goals, clean up the decorations, and restyle our spaces. It's nice to shake it up a bit by decluttering, editing, and cleaning. It's all good.

Look what I just purchased....

This is my first etsy purchase! My tree will be ever-so-stylish this year.

I found them at: A Flea Circus. Below is a sign that she also has for sale. I know my sister Sue would appreciate it. We are good partners when it comes to splunking.

I was actually going for this phone to use in staging but the price was just too high.

{all images courtesy of a flea circus}

Add to your contacts

My friend Lisa is an amazing woman. She has an eye for treasures. Her story of finding a beautiful diamond ring in a pile of costume jewelery is just one of her many adventures. Phone her to view the ever-changing collection she has set up in her garage. I have also attended the Estate sales Lisa has conducted. Below are some of the things I saw today while I was picking up a mirror for my sweet salon.

I thought of my stylist friend Kamie. She would love this!

This pretty mirror sits on the porch waiting for a friend of mine. How lucky.

The "mirror" against the wall is going in my studio. I am painting it a high gloss white and using it for my idea board. It's almost as tall as me.

Lisa found this mirror for me. I had to paint it and add glass but even with that it was a steal!

My dining chairs and table came from Lisa.

This summer I picked up this pretty little canvas from her. I'm telling you she has treasures galore!

Call her to fancy up your home.

Sleep Well

Nothing fancy but it's beautiful. The metal drum helps to keep it from being too serious. Good vintage find. We have a couple of these in our warehouse but I have yet to convince sister extraordinaire to use one on a staging job.

Another simple side table.

This side table mixes well with the romantic feel of the room. Love the mix of styles. It works.

Complete glamour even with an unmade bed. Is that how I get out of making my bed each day?

An opulent and gorgeous room-good night my sweet!


These inspiring photos are from Livingetc.

Some Home Shopping Favorites

For some killer inspiration we love visiting Great Jones Home in downtown Seattle. They boldly pair old and new.  It can be pricey but the pieces make such a statement. (Nevermind that I am longing for a $385.00 lampshade.)  The store offers unusual furniture pieces and art, lovely bedding, linens, books, jewels, lamps and beautiful candle collections. It is a visual feast!
A Stager's dream store. We get to blow into Moe's,  pick out our furniture, immediately load it into our truck and head to the jobsite. They make our work day effortless. The staff is hip and helpful. The showroom is huge and most everything is stylish and affordable. Moe's is located down in the SODO area of Seattle. We love Moe's!

Now for the grungy shopping experience. Antique Liquidators. A 3 story warehouse brimming with wonderful finds located in the South Lake Union neighborhood. You have to do some serious hunting and gathering here. Never mind the price tag-everything is negotiable. The staff is really nice and very helpful.