Paper Source Colorscope


“You are able to gently say the

things that your friends need to

hear. You have a lovely smile

but you need to smile much

more often. Your are too serious

and you need to be more

tolerant of failure-both

in yourself and in others.”

{Paper Source Colorscope}


We started staging with this color in our bedrooms but are now creating small touches of it in our offices and living rooms. It just softens your heart when you see it.

If you want to learn more about the color Blossom you can investigate here.

Target + Leanne Ford = Coolness

I told you all about HGTV’s Restored by the Fords show a while back in a post here. Brother and sister team who renovate homes in Pennsylvania. She has a sassy style and he executes her fabulous signature. Great ideas on re-purposing, refinishing, redoing, remodeling, you get the jig…Very much worth your time to watch it if you haven’t already.

Here is her Project 62 lighting line for Target. I love the look in very small doses.


Change Your Space! Fall has arrived.

We gotcha covered here when it comes to decorating for fall. It is a perfect time to shake up some spaces by adding rich tone and textured throw pillows, maybe a bit of cheesy Halloween decorations, classic pumpkins, moody candles (well, I think candles can be moody), a fur throw.

Want some shopping ideas? Here you go….

Head over to our SHOP if you want even more ideas. I just don’t want to overwhelm you!

I hate to give away our secret!

Every room comes to life with throw pillows. They are the single most room transforming tool we use. The pillow department in our warehouse is in constant need of organizing after every job. It's like the brilliant artist at work with them thrown about in hopes of creating a great combination for our staging jobs. The pillows below are designer fabrics-they are exceptionally nice and come in many sizes. Click and see...

Art & Throw Pillows

A great place to find original affordable art is Etsy. Most often when we are pulling a design together for a home we are staging we begin with the art. It is delivered to the pillow department (that makes our company sound sooo large!) and the design unfolds.

All of the art and pillows are available for purchase. Simpy Click & Shop!

Now for the throw pillows: My sister Tara's rule of thumb is "Solid, Texture and Print". She passes on that tidbit often when she is stopped at her local shopping haunt and asked for advice from other shoppers.

Pantone Color of the Year



Loving this color as an accent. I just restyled my daughter's room using violet as inspiration. Started with white bedding and sparkly white throw pillows, then added a violet furry throw pillow and finished with a print of the Eiffel Tower in black, violet, and lavender. It doubles as my guest room so I wanted it to be pretty for my daughter (who hasn't even seen it yet!) and guests. Here is what I purchased. Click & Shop.

Here is some Violet inspiration for you.

elle decor

elle decor

Click & Shop:

2018 WHAT'S IN!








It appears to me that just about anything goes for 2018! There is something for everyone in this list. Enjoy freshening and reinventing your spaces!




Add a pop of personality over your mantle or bed with a faux animal head or Fauxidermy (yes, it is a word-well kind of). Mine is over the living room mantle. I love this guy. He is often a conversation piece and for sure a statement he makes. Right now he is decorated for the holiday.

photo from  Decor8  via  Pinterest

photo from Decor8 via Pinterest

Photo via  zGallarie

Photo via zGallarie

Photo Via  zgallarie  via  pinterest

Photo Via zgallarie via pinterest

I actually purchased this metal cow head as a house warming gift for a friend but it has not made it to her yet. I sent her this photo and told her it was her gift the next time I see her. We just keep staging with it in homes.

Photo by steve hanson group

Photo by steve hanson group



Hello Weekend!

Our newest staging recruit is actually our youngest so I thought it would be fun to see what she has to share when we talk about fall decor. You will see that Katie is into all things textured, warm, inviting, natural and very chill. I will be honest, I did not expect this vibe from her but I love it! Click and Shop from her choices!


Happy Fall Weekend!

Bringing you a taste of fall from one of our rock star designers. She helps with purchasing our furniture, lighting, accessories and art. She manages our warehouse and keeps the ball moving everyday. This Stager Girl prefers to remain in the background but she brings a fabulous signature to our design team that keeps her in the forefront.

Bringing you some FARM CHIC picks all ready for you to click and shop!


The vintage book bundle is cool in a modern vibe vignette or a farm vibe. 

1940's farm pail is perfect at the back door with your cutting shears and gloves ready to step into the garden for flower and herb clipping. I have a few sap buckets that I use for ribbons, wrapping paper and 1 sits by the door with my kids' shoes in it. It's a fun vessel for anything.

The seltzer bottle sitting on a window sill would be so pretty with the light showing through it . Ships from Ukraine. How cool is that?

This is perfect for my farm table. I use it as a center piece and put potted succulents in it. I have even brought it in the house on the dining room table and filled it with candle sticks sitting on stacked books, a vase of twigs and moss and other collectibles I have sitting around waiting to be repurposed.   

And here my friends is your farm table! I have mine in the garden in a covered area with white IKEA chairs around it. I have covered it in butcher paper and left markers on it for guests to write notes, poems, jokes etc. I have put a white upholstery grade vinyl on it to kick it into an all white modern look. Everyone should have a farm table inside or out.

An evergreen boxwood wreath is hardly seasonal. I think sending this to a friend for any occasion would be an excellent idea.

The botanical prints are fitting just about anywhere. Best in a collection or grouping of prints. They remind me of designer, blogger and now HGTV host Lauren Liess.

Sometimes a project is just what the Doc ordered. Send your nature loving friend a DIY terrarium kit.

Just getting the creative gift giving juices flowing with the help of a star Open House Stager Girl and trying to shake up your interior as well. It doesn't take much to freshen your space or send a friend a gift that has a past. HAPPY SHOPPING!