Tara's Holiday Gift Guide Picks

Sat around with some friends last weekend talking about some of our gift ideas for friends and family. It helps to hear what others are doing so that we can get ideas for the people on our list. So…we hunted down some of Tara’s picks.

Here you Go!

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Friday's Shopping Finds

I have plenty of homes to feature next week but shopping is way more fun so I spent my time in my studio picking out “must haves” and great deals to share with all of you ready for fall decor! ENJOY!!

We are moving into fall decor. Such a wonderful change! Naturals, velvets, wovens, and wood-all warm and inviting.

We are moving into fall decor. Such a wonderful change! Naturals, velvets, wovens, and wood-all warm and inviting.

Everything I have selected is created by small businesses and hard working creative people. Each sale makes them hap hap happy so go for it!! CLICK & SHOP.

Tara's Picks

Time to share some of sister Tara's Amazon selections. She is a great shopper so take note. I will eventually get these items in our SHOP but wanted to highlight some of her picks.

This is why we have fabulous staging furniture and accessories. She has her vision and the warehouse is full of it. 

Get Your Outdoor Dialed In! That's an order...

It's still cold here in Seattle so we move much slower when it comes to prepping our outdoor spaces. I am here to push you now to get it all ordered and ready for the sunny days.

I am all about bright Melamine plates and platters, plastic tumblers and a sassy tray for them to sit. I love the farm table look with lanterns and candles. Love lightweight planters filled with color and fragrance brought close to your seating area for that cozy vibe. And it all looks better with the lights strung above. I suggest a basket filled with blankets or throws for when the cool evening sets in and the conversations are just getting juicy-it keeps your guests warm and happy.

Have fun shopping some of my favorite items!

Orders $65 and over use: FREESHIP65 for free shipping.

Next week I will help you with planting your containers. It's all about companion planting for greenery, fragrance and color.  Let me know if you have any gardening questions that I can help with. 

Now focus on your outdoor space!


Client "Thank yous" say something about how you run your business and what each client means to you. Our first choice for a thank you is a hand written note. We think that is priceless. But you can always sweeten the pot with some of these gift ideas.