Tara's Picks

Time to share some of sister Tara's Amazon selections. She is a great shopper so take note. I will eventually get these items in our SHOP but wanted to highlight some of her picks.

This is why we have fabulous staging furniture and accessories. She has her vision and the warehouse is full of it. 

Get our Look!

One of our favorite clients to stage for is this fabulous group of agents from Team Diva Real Estate. They let us transform every listing however we want. Complete trust in our design decisions and that if a huge compliment. 

An adorable home in West Seattle...


Listing by Team Diva Real Estate, photography by John Wilbanks and staging by us at Open House.


Get Our Look!

When I step back and look at all the art, furnishings and accessories that it takes to put together a great looking room I am blown away with all the labor involved to create it. And to think my sister had to shop for just about all of it! We get to walk into a warehouse with everything in it's department and just pick and choose what we want. Sister Extraordinaire has to actually purchase each item. I am exhausted just thinking about it! 

Here are a few rooms in a hip condo that we staged in South Seattle. And all you have to do is click to get the look! How easy is that?!

Staging Supplies

We have had this on our list forever. Very grungy space but kind of fun to splunk through all of the objects. When a hotel gets remodeled the old furniture, hair dryers, ice buckets, pictures, etc. come here to be sold to the public. It was well worth the trip!


Imagine this mirror painted a high gloss white or black or even a daring orange. We tried to purchase a couple but couldn't fit them in our car so were hiring a trucking company to deliver them to us. These mirrors came from the l'Auberge Del Mar. It's fun when things come with a story.

Thinking of ways to make this cute stool better. They had tons of them.

Mirrors that Dazzle

Sunburst or Starburst mirrors give rooms a wonderful splash of style and energy. You can easily find them ranging from $200 to $2000.00.

Ballard Designs Sunburst Mirror

Photo from decorpad.

Louis Starburst Mirror from Tonic Home

Tara and I bought one for a staging job in an incredible condo downtown Seattle.

I now have one in my dining room. It makes a wonderful visual splash. I love it!

Check out the Fall/Winter of Decor. Sunburst mirrors are shown used by 2 different designers.