Just Like the Model-Los Angeles

Our favorite stop: A warehouse full of furniture, art, accessories that were used in model homes.
We purchased this super hip leather sofa and love seat for our Seattle condos.
 All 3 of us wanted to put these chairs in our own homes but the company won out and they now reside in our warehouse.

 These chairs are already working away in a lovely Bellevue condo. 
We had our work cutout for us. Had to comb through this warehouse several times over to pick the best of the best for our clients.
 This also ended up at our recent Bellevue staging. 
 Most of the artwork is chosen by Sister Ex and we had plenty to choose from. 
 The best part was seeing Sister Ex and Jo pull up with a Uhaul trailer. Sister Ex is always up for trying something crazy and new-especially when it involves a good laugh. And laugh we did!

 Here are some of our purchases. 

All in all our LA trip was more for adventure and inspiration. Not for cock-tailing, dining, sunshine, getting away or any of that shallow stuff. We had our clients in mind and want to make 2016 our best staging year ever!

Los Angeles-Hotel Surplus Outlet


Most definitely not a glamorous shopping experience but a bargain can be glamorous. This Middle Sister scored 4 industrial glam conference chairs from the The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Sister Ex and I are discussing whether I should buy this dresser. It means there will be a design explosion in my Master Bedroom which means the entire room is redesigned. Not certain I could take that on right now.

I think it would make a beautiful entry piece as well. Guess what? I walked away from it. I will still continue to think about its possibilities...

 The ice buckets got us all thinking of Christmas and New Years-we purchased all of them...
What a party it will be!

Portland Shopping

It's just not a glamorous business were in....

Sister Ex pulled into the parking lot of this place. She's always up for a new staging adventure. I was uncertain due to the borderline neighborhood and the rundown building but I had my sister so all was fine. It looks like their furniture comes from Motel 6 but we found a couple of tables that could work for us.

I even liked these curtains. There were a ton of them and could be used in a cool space. Perhaps repurposed in the photo below.

{Traditional Home-Garry Mertin}

Staging Supplies

We have had this on our list forever. Very grungy space but kind of fun to splunk through all of the objects. When a hotel gets remodeled the old furniture, hair dryers, ice buckets, pictures, etc. come here to be sold to the public. It was well worth the trip!


Imagine this mirror painted a high gloss white or black or even a daring orange. We tried to purchase a couple but couldn't fit them in our car so were hiring a trucking company to deliver them to us. These mirrors came from the l'Auberge Del Mar. It's fun when things come with a story.

Thinking of ways to make this cute stool better. They had tons of them.