Saturday with Redfin

Sister Ex and I were asked to speak about staging to a group of home owners at a Redfin event sponsored by real estate agent Sabrina Booth. For certain she is the Rock Star of Redfin. We are grateful to be asked. Needless to say Sister and I had some good laughs over this crazy Stager Girl journey we have been on.

Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

I don't think we have worked harder in our life as we did these last 2 weeks. This Middle Sister hit a wall with decision making. Overwhelming and overwhelmed. It's lack of warehouse space, not enough time in the day, no actual business hours, tons of work, little time to plan, and just the 2 of us orchestrating this show. 

We start our day at the job site, take notes and power back to the warehouse to load up. This week we have been finishing a job the same day we start a new job which makes the warehouse a buzz of craziness. 

Thursday we had J unloading a job downtown and carefully calculating what she needed to bring to us within the hour and what goes back to the warehouse. Sister Ex is across town picking up a sofa and chair which has swiftly become our favorite while M and I are finishing a home and racing to meet everyone at the new job. For certain it's a rat wheel.

Our last job of the week ended at an amazing condo overlooking Lake Union. I vowed that if it went past 5 pm that I was running to the store for beers.  Amazingly it was 4:30 and my commute home was a mere 10 blocks. This Stager girl is exhausted.

Sister Ex scheduled 4 jobs next week. Should I tell her that I am taking Friday off to be with my BFFs for the weekend?

Leaving the warehouse laden with our work bags and tools.
 Pretending to be a picture framer...
 Working with what girlie tools we have...
 Steaming our sheers, throws, linens....
 Loading out after the job...Ugh.

I guess this would be our board room where all the high powered meetings occur.

Waiting for J to deliver our table and turn this chaos into order.

Rat on a Wheel

Not easy figuring out all the things that must be handled when one is dealing with a smoke filled warehouse due to a fire. Been learning and sorting things out daily.

Click the arrow to see a 5 second video of me working. Really-you must...

Yikes, even the wheel has tipped over. Can anything go right? No time to troubleshoot my video or photo-you get the idea...