Shopping in Portland

Our most recent trip was more about focusing on our company and getting inspired and less about shopping. That said, we filled the back of the SUV we drove. Here were some of our stops along the way.

Located in the Pearl District. Great Home store.

Super creative owners. We saw how they added trim to an already cool light fixture and make it even better. Beautiful new and old furniture and accessories.

Manor has beautiful Farrow and Ball paints, lovely books, bedding and furniture.
This is where we hit the inspirational jack pot. Beautiful beautiful furnishings. Incredible pieces from Oly that we have always coveted.

Out of this world fabrics and trims for the home. We picked out a few for the Sewer Chicks to whip up some pillows for us.

It is completely unsightly... Look past the big box vibe, head straight to the home décor area and you will find plenty to inspire you. We purchased fabric for chairs and pillows.

Often worth a stop. The no tax situation makes it an even better proposition. Purchased an acrylic console table and a piece of incredible art that we used in the next staging job.


I kept refering to this as the International District but that is not what this neighborhood is called in Portland.
We walked through it on a Tuesday morning and it was beautiful but completely dead. I was expecting it to be something like Seattle's International District which comes alive very early morning with the outdoor markets setting up their fruits and vegetables. We used to ride our Vespa's around early moning and witness the city waking up. Very fun.

Airstream Focus

Back from our brief road trip. Now we are picking up our Airstream, bringing it to the city, and getting it all dialed in for another trip.

Stopped at Fabric Depot in Portland for inspiration. The top is for throw pillows on my newly upolstered Airstream couch and the other is for the curtains. I had two looks here but I think I managed to marry them by using the fabric below.