Shopping without Sister Ex

Had a big job on Wednesday so I recruited my mother to help me with the shopping. Let me be clear, I am not the company shopper-I do not like that part of the job. But Sister Ex is out of town and the task has fallen to me so off I Z Gallerie in Redmond Town Center.

 How fun would this be to move your bed under a canopy for the summer? That would be the best "staycation" ever.
 We don't have much yellow in our staging. I think this would be a great sunny start. Sister Ex bought the green vase below and it looks great in a job.

Off to complete our staging job today with all the new accessories. It is looking super cute. Photos to follow!

Z Gallerie

Stopped by Z Gallerie to see what beautiful things were in store for us. A visual feast indeed!

 Tons of neutrals this season. Blacks, whites, creams, pale lavender, soft blue. Nothing with a colourful pow. The "pow" comes in the drama of the large scale pieces and their shapes.

 This mirror is similar to the entry mirror in my home. Ugh...the fire extinguisher is showing... A skilled photographer I am not
 Naturally this was my favorite wall. Pretty blues, creamy whites, and bright whites create their own kind of drama. Ooo la la!
 This wall was more earthy and organic. Nothing too crazy just deep and interesting.

 The soft lavender would be a nice touch of colour anywhere. It's stylish! We collected a few lavender and purple pieces on this trip which will work beautifully with some bedding we use for staging and towels for a bath. Love it.
Sister Ex has a dramatic high ceiling entry with art cubbys on either side of the door. A chocolate back ground with these lovely urns will be a fresh look.

Longing for...Z Gallerie

I overheard my sister talking with a friend (while loading a truck) about Z Gallerie. "I know, I know, I told you it's overwhelming!" "Just do a quick walk through, go back out the door, grab a cup of coffee and back again... slowly".

My heart races just talking about the Z Gallerie. It is a decorator's (affordable) dream come true. It sweeps you away to a glamorous place, it helps you rethink your own spaces and gives you inspiration to add pieces to create the look you wish for.

We are heading back soon. This time with a Uhaul. Reminding us of the days when Sister Ex and I would drive our own truck to each job and unload it ourselves.