I hate to give away our secret!

Every room comes to life with throw pillows. They are the single most room transforming tool we use. The pillow department in our warehouse is in constant need of organizing after every job. It's like the brilliant artist at work with them thrown about in hopes of creating a great combination for our staging jobs. The pillows below are designer fabrics-they are exceptionally nice and come in many sizes. Click and see...

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One of our favorite clients to stage for is this fabulous group of agents from Team Diva Real Estate. They let us transform every listing however we want. Complete trust in our design decisions and that if a huge compliment. 

An adorable home in West Seattle...


Listing by Team Diva Real Estate, photography by John Wilbanks and staging by us at Open House.


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We are often asked if we sell our furniture. The answer is "yes" and "no". What I can do is help you achieve our look through similar items. If I can dial you into the exact item I will but you can capture the vibe with some of the shopping suggestions below.

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This hip listing went pending not long after we drove away. It was listed by Jason Viydo for Windermere Real Estate, photographed by Jason Mercio from Mercio Photography and staged by the adorable team of Stager Girls at Open House.

Hello Weekend!

Our newest staging recruit is actually our youngest so I thought it would be fun to see what she has to share when we talk about fall decor. You will see that Katie is into all things textured, warm, inviting, natural and very chill. I will be honest, I did not expect this vibe from her but I love it! Click and Shop from her choices!


Chintz & Co.

This Staging Sister recently stopped into Chintz & Co. in Victoria B.C. What an overwhelming visual party. My lousy photos help me revisit some of the things that took my breath away.

These pillows I have dreams about. They are about $150.00 each and worth every penny. (Except Canada no longer accepts pennies so scratch that thought).

Add it to your shopping list as it is a wonderful experience! (With a terrible website...)
Chintz & Co.

Portland Shopping-Fabric Depot

A necessary stop on our Portland "to-do" list. Fabric Depot! Mountains of fabric housed in an unremarkable space. It is so large that it has a "conceirge". I love that so many people are sewing, quilting and designing. A fabulous stop for inspiration and motivation.

Our inspiration for this fabric is the pillow in the next photo.

{Steven Gambrel}

Some of our purchases.

This fabric will be made into large 22" pillows.