I hate to give away our secret!

Every room comes to life with throw pillows. They are the single most room transforming tool we use. The pillow department in our warehouse is in constant need of organizing after every job. It's like the brilliant artist at work with them thrown about in hopes of creating a great combination for our staging jobs. The pillows below are designer fabrics-they are exceptionally nice and come in many sizes. Click and see...

Paper Source Colorscope


You have a classic style,

are romantic, easy to love, and people

find you appealing.

Some may think of you as quiet,

but you are really thinking

deeply about what is going on

around you, and then coming

up with the perfect solution.

When I came across this color on the Paper Source Colorscope Chart, I was loving it that the color described one of our long time Stager Girls. If the shoe fits!

Seattle Design Center

Found some wonderful inspiration at the Sample Sale. Didn't purchase what we thought we were going to but it was good energy.
 One of our favoite showrooms is Schumacher Fabrics.

 And on to my all time favorite....Nancy Corzine. I have been pining for this $8000.00 sofa. Her welting is over the top.

I adore this fabric called Velvet Roses. So dreamy...

Portland Shopping-Fabric Depot

A necessary stop on our Portland "to-do" list. Fabric Depot! Mountains of fabric housed in an unremarkable space. It is so large that it has a "conceirge". I love that so many people are sewing, quilting and designing. A fabulous stop for inspiration and motivation.

Our inspiration for this fabric is the pillow in the next photo.

{Steven Gambrel}

Some of our purchases.

This fabric will be made into large 22" pillows.

Fabric Inspiration

Once again we road trip to Portland and land at our favorite spot-Fabric Depot. One of the largest fabric stores in the nation! It's really bad but really good. The store itself is visually uninspiring but the energy is amazing. "What are you making?" Everyone is inquiring! The person that cuts your fabric wants to know what you are creating, those that are standing in line and the person ringing you up. It's crazy with creativity!

Eventually we get into fits of laughter. It's what us sisters do. Everything has the potential for a good laugh.

Our finds: I bought white vinyl to (occasionally) cover my icey blue dining table and give it a modern look. I plan to set the table with my vintage china and POW! A collision of old and new. Way cool. Also, some Hollywood Regency inspired fabric for window panels that I will craft myself. I just need to pull out my vintage Viking sewing machine and I'm off!
My sister extraordinaire found some killer Robert Kaufman inspired navy & taupe fabric. A spring board for a new master bedding ensemble. Very current. She also purchased a chocolate & cream Robert Allen knock off that she has been eyeing for herself (oink) or a client (lucky dog). Tara also found (in a random cart pushed off to the side ) a modern floral for amazing throw pillows for her ever-so-hip office. Last but not least some designs that inspired her for the next production of her lunch bags. http://www.coolconservation.com/ .

Our young interns. Portland Rocks!