Paper Source Colorscope


“You are able to gently say the

things that your friends need to

hear. You have a lovely smile

but you need to smile much

more often. Your are too serious

and you need to be more

tolerant of failure-both

in yourself and in others.”

{Paper Source Colorscope}


We started staging with this color in our bedrooms but are now creating small touches of it in our offices and living rooms. It just softens your heart when you see it.

If you want to learn more about the color Blossom you can investigate here.

Paper Source Colorscope


You have a classic style,

are romantic, easy to love, and people

find you appealing.

Some may think of you as quiet,

but you are really thinking

deeply about what is going on

around you, and then coming

up with the perfect solution.

When I came across this color on the Paper Source Colorscope Chart, I was loving it that the color described one of our long time Stager Girls. If the shoe fits!