Seattle Design Center

Found some wonderful inspiration at the Sample Sale. Didn't purchase what we thought we were going to but it was good energy.
 One of our favoite showrooms is Schumacher Fabrics.

 And on to my all time favorite....Nancy Corzine. I have been pining for this $8000.00 sofa. Her welting is over the top.

I adore this fabric called Velvet Roses. So dreamy...

Ballard Designs

Atlanta based Interior Designer Suzanne Kasler has created some fabulous pieces for Ballard Designs. I could not get through my catalog fast enough on the first run through. It's kind of like when Stella McCartney did a line for H&M a few years back. We were dying to get our hands on some killer pieces from their San Francisco stores and yes we waited in several lines to do just that. Now I cannot wait to pick a few items from this new collection. Here is a peek:

Our New Talent

Meet our new designer Danielle. She knows how to deal with the sisters (kind of a big thing 'cause we can be overbearing and opinionated), she speaks her mind, and she can laugh.

Danielle priced all of our treasures at our very successful warehouse sale. I heard her say to a shopper "it's the accessories that can really change a room- you should get this". (I forgot to tease her about it later).

Sixx Design

These are very fun photos of a new project on the market done by husband and wife team-The Novogratz. I have seen them in action on their TV show on Bravo. Both are very laid back and cool. Never mind that they have 7 children. This property is located in New York for $13.5 million. Read more here:

Their body of work is vast. You can visit the firm here. Sure do love how they mix it up.

Kelly Wearslers Beach House for Sale

Kelly Wearstlers 6000sq. ft. Malibu beach house is up for sale for $21.9 million.

{photos by Francois Halard for Metropolitan Home}

Interesting to see Kelly's beach house. It is very similar to her hotel interiors where Sister Ex and I have stayed. I would think her homes would be styled a bit differently. Perhaps more personal, soft, welcoming and less large scale, industrial and meticulously planned out. When I visit her hotels I am over-the-moon in love with the visual. When I see her homes photographed I am not lovin' it. They're too hotel-y. She is amazingly talented though.

Paving her way

{photo:tommyton for french vogue}

Been following this savy young teen's witty blog stylerookie.  So has millions of others. Tavi has been blogging fashion for 2 years and has received a ton of attention. Photographed sitting in the front row at Fashion Week and major magazines-she plowing her own way on her own terms. Very refreshing. Check this article from StyleFrizz.