Salt Spring Island-Part 3

Shopping, tea and art...
 Hillary raced us through the Island's winding road to get us to our tea farm and shop before it closed. They stayed open an additional hour for us. Another taste of small town hospitality and Island life.

 3 Pair of London Fly shoes does a girl good....

Off to a bakery in the woods. No lie, in the woods.

 Invited in for some wine, conversations and views.

Shopping the Farmers Market.

 Children sell their wares in the center of the market.

 Always taking time for tea...
 Downtown Victoria

Store Inspiration

Motivated by our colleague and designer "J" to pay a visit to this amazing shop located in Kirkland called Haystack's Antiques.

Beautifully crafted vignettes, inspiring collections and creative displays. I even loved the large dish full of miscellaneous doll arms. I guess it is a collection as odd as it may be.

What it tells me is that I need to get out of the warehouse, off the job site and get inspired.