Salt Spring Island-Part 3

Shopping, tea and art...
 Hillary raced us through the Island's winding road to get us to our tea farm and shop before it closed. They stayed open an additional hour for us. Another taste of small town hospitality and Island life.

 3 Pair of London Fly shoes does a girl good....

Off to a bakery in the woods. No lie, in the woods.

 Invited in for some wine, conversations and views.

Shopping the Farmers Market.

 Children sell their wares in the center of the market.

 Always taking time for tea...
 Downtown Victoria

Salt Spring Island-Part 2

Gardens and Views
 Gathering greens and edible flowers for our meals

 This beautifully designed gate, fence, rose support gave me an idea for my small city garden.

 This is a result of our day working outside. We cleaned and organized the potting area, J painted the potting bench while Hillary and I tended to planting pots and repairing the outdoor table.


Salt Spring Island Adventure-Part 1

How am I suppose to thank TWO incredible women for some of the very best vacation days of my life? 

Vacation therapy that entwined fabulous art and design, breathtaking gardens, unfathomable views, meals simple, fresh and delicious, and conversations that went from mascara brands to business ventures.

Thank you to Judith for encouraging me to take time off and Hillary for rock star hospitality and inspiration.

A few shots of Hillary's Salt Spring Island Home

Yes, I was caught opening cupboards for photographs. How could I possibly log all of this beauty in my head? I found someone who trumps my Mother in the dish department. (no small feat)

 So many of her pieces had stories...

 No back splash so that her art could be hung-brilliant!

 Each meal we went through H's cupboards for napkins, serving bowls, plates, setting the table with intention.

My mornings and evenings were spent pouring through these cookbooks planning meals for my Airstream trip and summer entertaining.

 My room had a view of the garden with doors leading me outside.

And my own sweet kitchen where I prepared my coffee and either stayed in bed or walked the garden. No wonder she has so many summer visitors. No hotel can offer this.