Waterfront Staging

We love staging jobs that bring us to the water. Doors open, boats passing by, train moving through, and seagulls galore. Now if we could just take a moment to stop what we are doing and appreciate it all. Sometimes a deadline keeps our heads down and the machine buzzing away.

We have a new rule (which is all too often broken) that we need to sit down for 10 minutes and relax. We know it helps but we continue to let the day slip by without a break.


Listing by Dawn Bourdo and Corey Hayes for Mr. Magnolia. Staging by some pretty exhausted stager girls at Open House Staging.

West Seattle Beach House

I have some great memories with my best friend growing up in a Ralph Anderson designed home. It too was built to bring the outdoors into your space. We could look into the forest from her bedroom's floor to ceiling windows. The "hallway" was a cat walk above the living and dining rooms. It was like no other home in our neighborhood. And to get to revisit another of Ralph's homes is incredibly special. 

Years ago my sister and I were hired by Ralph to stage one of his new construction homes. He let us come to his Alki Beach Condo and select any art off the walls to put in with our staging. We knew it was an honor but it was also scary carrying  Morris Graves and Guy Anderson originals in our truck! 

And here is the 3rd Ralph Anderson home that we have staged! It's a beauty.


Was I right!? It is a beauty!

This listing is by Lisa Tunure for Coldwell Banker Bain Global Luxury. Photography by Andrew Webb for Clarity NW and staged by the fabulous team at Open House Staging.