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My friend Lisa is an amazing woman. She has an eye for treasures. Her story of finding a beautiful diamond ring in a pile of costume jewelery is just one of her many adventures. Phone her to view the ever-changing collection she has set up in her garage. I have also attended the Estate sales Lisa has conducted. Below are some of the things I saw today while I was picking up a mirror for my sweet salon.

I thought of my stylist friend Kamie. She would love this!

This pretty mirror sits on the porch waiting for a friend of mine. How lucky.

The "mirror" against the wall is going in my studio. I am painting it a high gloss white and using it for my idea board. It's almost as tall as me.

Lisa found this mirror for me. I had to paint it and add glass but even with that it was a steal!

My dining chairs and table came from Lisa.

This summer I picked up this pretty little canvas from her. I'm telling you she has treasures galore!

Call her to fancy up your home.