Christmas Decorating at Home

You would be hard pressed to find any red and green in my home come holiday time. It is all about the icy blues, frosty whites and soft pinks. Here are a few snaps of my Christmas decor.

 The reindeer came a few years ago from Home Depot-I just sprayed him white to fit in with everything else.

 Sister Ex gave me the sweet Santa. She knows my Santa would be dressed in blue.
 I rearranged my mantle when my deer arrived. The mirror is gone and now he reigns supreme.
 My friend J and I made him a pretty wreath collar and  "foraged" our neighbor's yards the city streets for flora and fauna for our arrangements.

 My entry has the only dark piece of furniture in the house. I have been tempted to paint it but I think it anchors and contrasts the other nearby pieces. And yes, I love its worn beat up vibe. Sister Ex, once again, came through with the jewel boxes and the mirror came from auction and belongs with a vanity. Again, I had it sprayed high gloss white to fit with my interior.