The Secret to Throw Pillows Begins with your Art.

Throw pillows are a Stager Girls best weapon. They infuse personality, color and texture in a room. We typically begin with our art and build the combinations from there. Let's start with this art found on Etsy. (The throw pillows can be found at Target.) Just click on the image and shop!

We have a print for interest, color to pop it and white if we need to calm it and texture for depth and interest.

Now let's work with navy and white-our current obsession. Using this art from etsy.

Another Etsy piece found here.


Client "Thank yous" say something about how you run your business and what each client means to you. Our first choice for a thank you is a hand written note. We think that is priceless. But you can always sweeten the pot with some of these gift ideas.

Get Our Look!

These Stager Girls have a huge "pillow room" in our warehouse from which we choose our look or vibe. We will either put together a grouping of pillows and shop the art area or we shop the art area then move to the pillows. Sister Extraordinaire is in charge of keeping the pillows up to date through her incredible buying powers. She is a rock star in the purchasing department for sure. Here are a few items on our favorites list.

City Garden

I am pulling you out of the warehouse and away from our staged homes to take a walk through my garden.  Bring your cup of Jo and follow is so small-it will only takes a minute!

Ever wonder why the fragrance of some flowers seems stronger at night? ** My lilies are now just opening and are incredibly fragrant. We like to bundle up late in the evening to take in the intoxicating scent. This small garden is full of surprises that add to its wonder. The containers of succulents were inspired by the Farm and Frills Junker Market where we found unusual vessels to plant in.  My pear tree yield's only 2-3 pears. I watch their progress daily as if they were my children. I can tell you which plants were shared with me from my Mother's garden, which plants came from friends and which were acquired at the coveted annual NW Flower and Garden Show. I constantly analyze the progress of this small space making mental notes of things I want to change, divide, dig out and remove forever. That's what gardening is all about. 


*When cutting lilies in your garden choose those with buds that are about to open.

*The orange pollen of lilies stain so snip off the stamens in the flower center. (I do this on those I cut to bring inside and any that are near a path or walkway).


** The fragrance of flowers is enhanced at night in order to attract nocturnal pollinators such as moths and bats. Sometimes when watering in the morning, a flurry of moths will spring from the flowers.

 Okay, now get back to work and thank you for taking a moment to visit!


Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

We are incredibly lucky to be able to travel around our city and work in these beautiful homes. We start each day at our warehouse describing the home and possible potential buyers and the design evolves through our collaboration. 

Sister Tara often shops Seattle and online for our staging pieces. We thought we would connect you to some affordable pieces that are similar. Happy Shopping!