Art & Throw Pillows

A great place to find original affordable art is Etsy. Most often when we are pulling a design together for a home we are staging we begin with the art. It is delivered to the pillow department (that makes our company sound sooo large!) and the design unfolds.

All of the art and pillows are available for purchase. Simpy Click & Shop!

Now for the throw pillows: My sister Tara's rule of thumb is "Solid, Texture and Print". She passes on that tidbit often when she is stopped at her local shopping haunt and asked for advice from other shoppers.

Get our Look!

One of our favorite clients to stage for is this fabulous group of agents from Team Diva Real Estate. They let us transform every listing however we want. Complete trust in our design decisions and that if a huge compliment. 

An adorable home in West Seattle...


Listing by Team Diva Real Estate, photography by John Wilbanks and staging by us at Open House.


Get Our Look!

Staged in one of our favorite buildings downtown-The Ellington. A cozy condo with a big outdoor space. 


Condo listing by Orvis and Orvis Real Estate, photography by Steve Hanson @ Hanson Photo Group and Staging by Open House Staging.


Lake Washington Staging

This incredible home was a huge under taking for us. My fit bit read 7 miles at the end of one of the days. With 2 stair cases and all the up and down we all felt like we had a huge workout. We rarely take a moment to sit down (mostly because it's difficult to get back up and start working again) but in this case we did take a break. 

Moments before we locked up we each had to slowly walk through every room and make certain all was perfect. No tags left on items, pillows fluffed, art even, everything in it's place. Absolutely exhausting! 


Listing by Reilly Schanno for Windermere Real Estate, staging by these exhausted Stagers from Open House LLC

What a Difference a Few Changes Make!

Let's get one thing straight: I shot these photos on my iphone so they are not going to wow you but the room change may.

My daughter went off to college so it was time to create a more grown up beautiful room for her return. It only took me a week to complete. Here is how it worked:

I have been following Tuft and Needle mattress company for a couple of years. They sell 1 mattress in several sizes. The Queen is about $550. I tried it out, my nephew tried it and now my daughter. We are all fans. You do not need to pay big prices for a mattress anymore. I purchased mine from Amazon for a handful of reasons. Purchase here. Ships in a box, open, cut plastic and it expands. PRESTO!

The makeover cost me about $1400.00. That is with the mattress, hiring a painter, the paint, bedding, and accessories. No furniture. Everything was Home Goods, Target and Amazon. The furniture: bed (also sold on Amazon) and dresser and mirror are Ikea.



The original room was Carrie's (Sex in the City) apartment color-left image. My youngest is not a fan of feminine so this is what we agreed on (back in the day). 

We are adding a collection of black and whites on the wall and I think that completes the look.


Tips for a Fab Outdoor Space

Every space outside of your home is worthy of your attention. You will not regret taking some time to carve out a bit of outdoor beauty. Capture those spaces and create! Even if you are overwhelmed with the size of your yard, pick one of the items below and make it happen. Even if you are underwhelmed by the size of your yard, am intimate space can be created. 


This is perfect for a small space for a couple of reasons. It adds a pop of color and style even without any throw pillows, and weathers well. It's also very affordable from Target. Ooh La La, very French!

In the Pacific NW I am a huge fan of metal if it is not under cover. Way less maintenance and worry. Also found at Target.

My all time favorite is a wood farm table but that has to be under cover. I even store mine inside over the winter. They can be high maintenance for sure but warm and welcoming.


It helps to have something to set your fabulous appetizers and craft cocktails on. And this bar cart makes a great statement without taking up a ton of space. 

Of course if you have a larger area you can go with a larger bar.


And then there is the relaxing area. A welcoming sectional. Once again, this weathers well but here in Seattle I would never leave my cushions out all year-never.

Or go with  2-4 chairs for a smaller space. These chairs read comfort for sure.


A hammock or a chaise lounge chair!


A large planter works even in a somewhat small space. A trio of planters makes a great statement as well, especially if they are repeated.

It doesn't all need to fall on your "Operation Fab Outdoor Space" to-do list but I can assure you doing just 1 of these ideas will make you want to be outside. I will not overwhelm you with throw pillows, heaters, fire pits and rugs (but I would like to!). We are brimming with design ideas.

Thank you to Target for all of these great products.











Staging a beautiful Washington Estate

Showing you just a few of the photos of this incredible property. What you will not see is: pool house, swimming pool, sport court, batting cage, movie theater, workout room, wine room, nanny's quarters and more. Fancy indeed!

Long ago projects this size would scare us. We would still take them (and learn a lot of stuff along the way) but they were time consuming and hard. Now, these Staging Sisters have it down! Especially with our team of rock star stagers-we actually enjoy these large projects. (We also love love 2 bedroom condos...just saying.)


This listing is by Mary Schile for RE/Max Metro Realty and staging by us at Open House Staging.


Mother's Day Picks | Joanna Gaines Style

Every Monday morning our team of Stagers gather to discuss our upcoming jobs, staffing, vacations, weekend plans, funny stories, and blog ideas.  

I loved Jodi's idea of showcasing some of the pieces we like from Joanna Gaines' Hearth and Hand Collection at Target. 

We may have another Mother's Day Gift Giving post from our resident shopping Queen-Tara. Her experience is vast and on trend so cross your fingers and stay tuned.



Jodi-Stager Extraordinaire!



Ballard Staging

Unremarkable on the outside but what a surprise on the inside!


Listing by Team Diva Real Estate, photos by Jon Wilbanks at JWPhoto and staging by Open House Staging.