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I just love this bedroom. I was going to say it screams romance but that's too loud so let's say it just whispers romance.  When we moved our staging in we thought the sconces would be a problem because we could not do our own beautiful lamps on the nightstands but I think it works just how it is. Our staged bedrooms are typically more contemporary but we had no problem playing along with the home owner's vision. I have picked out some items to help you get this drippy sappy sexy look.


Penthouse Staging.

When 4th of July rolled around all of us Stager Girls wanted to celebrate here and enjoy the fireworks over Lake Union on the massive open beautiful deck.  Look out the windows at Seattle!


Next post I will share with you some ideas on how to get this deliciously romantic bedroom look.

Happy Weekend!

We are getting into our rainy Seattle days. It's a good time to stay inside and hunker down with a good read. We have some suggestions to help paint that picture.

My Ted Baker Weakness

I love Ted Baker everything. Each year when my sister and I are in Las Vegas we make sure I get to the TB boutique. I have yet to get a fabulous frock but that will happen sometime. I recently purchased my 2nd phone case which I just love. I just discovered it on Amazon. I love it because the pattern is sweet and it completely protects my phone and screen as well.  The flip cover has a little mirror on the inside.

Love this tote for my lunch, my golf shoes, and shopping.

Love this tote for my lunch, my golf shoes, and shopping.

The inside of each wallet has a cute saying. And who does not love the big bauble snap closure?

The inside of each wallet has a cute saying. And who does not love the big bauble snap closure?



Statement Art

Recently I was shopping for art on Etsy. I love that they offer large affordable make-a-statement kind of pieces. I think we are all getting more savvy with online ordering by reading the fine print. It's key to know that some of the pieces are framed, some are stretched on wooden stretcher bars or may come unframed.  The 3rd picture down I saw a similar one on One King's Lane for over $1000.00. Etsy is definetly affordable.

Project 62

This is a big deal for us. Target is debuting their new in-house label online. Project 62! It has Target's affordable vision with ever-so-trendy pieces. No excuses, this is an easy way to freshen up your space. Click on the thumb nails to start shopping.

We asked our shopping Guru, my sister, to gives us a handful of her favorites.


10 Steps to Preparing your Home for Sale

#1. Put away your emotions and put on your business hat. You are now selling a product and someone's dream.

#2. Curb Appeal: Get your landscaping dialed in. Weeded, planted, mulched (no red bark please) and beautiful. Be honest-how does your front door look? (See #3)

#3 Paint: Out with the strong statement colors and in with the neutrals.

#4 Lighting: Remove fabric window coverings, valances and anything that blocks out the light. Illuminate the room with table lamps and floor lamps or better yet, a current light fixture.

#5 Reinvent rooms. Create an office in a small nook area, or a craft room in a dingy area of the basement. (See #10)

#6 Pack away belongings and de-clutter. Do not leave any closet untouched. Get a storage pod and pack pack pack. Or better yet, move out altogether. 

#7 Clean. Professionally is always my vote. Cleaners see so much more than homeowners. They know the drill. Do not forget windows-inside and out.

#8 Repair as much as possible. Make a list in order of importance. Buyers want a home that has been well cared for and loved. 

#9 Interview Real Estate Agents and listen to them. They are in the business of helping homeowners get top dollar and most should know how to do that.

#10 Hire a reputable staging company. Check out their current work and reviews from clients. Start with Houzz.  It cost money to stage so make certain you have connected with the right staging company.

Would you like to make as much money as possible on the sale of your home? Sellers are getting top dollar when they put some skin in the game and prepare their home for the market. These are important first steps:

One chance to make a first impression-make it count!

One chance to make a first impression-make it count!

A quick sale.

A quick sale.

Great lighting makes a huge difference.

Great lighting makes a huge difference.


Get Our Look!

When I step back and look at all the art, furnishings and accessories that it takes to put together a great looking room I am blown away with all the labor involved to create it. And to think my sister had to shop for just about all of it! We get to walk into a warehouse with everything in it's department and just pick and choose what we want. Sister Extraordinaire has to actually purchase each item. I am exhausted just thinking about it! 

Here are a few rooms in a hip condo that we staged in South Seattle. And all you have to do is click to get the look! How easy is that?!