Capitol Hill Cool Condo

I don’t even know what to say about this crazy cool nest. It is in the heart of the hippest part of Capitol Hill for sure. There are no bedrooms, just 3 niches for mattresses and maybe a touch of furniture. It’s spacious and interesting. Moving our furniture in and out was pretty funny. One of us would climb halfway up a ladder and someone would be at the top and someone would be at the bottom. We would hand pieces of furniture, art & accessories in a chain. It is top of our list of unusual staging jobs.

Listing by Cindy Saver for Coldwell Banker Bain and Staging by our rock star Open House Team.

10 Steps to Preparing your Home for Sale

Would you like to make as much money as possible on the sale of your home? Sellers are getting top dollar when they put some skin in the game and prepare their home for the market. 

These are important first steps:

#1. Put away your emotions and put on your business hat. You are now selling a product and someone else’s dream.

#2. Curb Appeal: Get your landscaping dialed in. Weeded, planted, mulched (no red bark please) and beautiful. Be honest-how does your front door look? (See #3)


#3 Paint: Out with the strong statement colors and in with the neutrals. [Check out this blog post for in-tell on paint]

#4 Lighting: Remove fabric window coverings, valances and anything that blocks out the light. Illuminate the room with table lamps and floor lamps or better yet, a current light fixture.

#5 Reinvent rooms. Create an office in a small nook area, or a craft room in a dingy area of the basement. (See #10)


#6 Pack away belongings and de-clutter. Do not leave any closet untouched. Get a storage pod and pack pack pack. Or better yet, move out altogether. 

#7 Clean. Professionally is always my vote. Cleaners see so much more than homeowners. They know the drill. Do not forget windows-inside and out.

#8 Repair as much as possible. Make a list in order of importance. Buyers want a home that has been well cared for and loved. 

#9 Interview Real Estate Agents and listen to them. They are in the business of helping homeowners get top dollar and most should know how to do that.

#10 Hire a reputable staging company. Check out their current work and reviews from clients. Start with Houzz.  It cost money to stage so make certain you have connected with the right staging company.

Urban Farmhouse

This home is more special than all of our other jobs we have staged because it was designed and created by Tara Nelson, my sister and staging partner at Open House.  Tara has Seattle dotted with homes that she has restored and each time they get better than the last. This one takes the cake. Sweet design treats in each room. (Note the ceiling in the office.)


Get that Urban Farmhouse look here. Click and Shop!

This home perfectly captures that Urban Farmhouse vibe that home buyers are loving right now. The listing is by Cathy Millan for Windermere Real Estate, the photography is by Nolan Green for Clarity NW and the staging is brought to you by the Stager Girls at Open House LLC.

6 Paint Colors You Will Want to Know

Tara and I recently acquired the insanely talented "Stager Girl" Maria. She is our "go to" girl for all things paint related. Maria helped with paint colors in my daughter's newly decorated room and helped my sister with her new house. I asked her to share her top Benjamin Moore paint colors that are great for a fresh bright look.



This one is great when Revere Pewter is reading just a little too dark and earthy and you're looking for something a little fresher. It has a touch of a lilac undertone that cools it down and can help it look like that perfect soft gray you've been trying to find.



I love this soft green with gray undertones. This is great when you need a color that acts like a white to clean up and brighten a space but you want a hint of color. It's a cool color so it will look great in those southwest facing rooms.


If you're looking for a bit of sophistication but are so very tired of all those builder beiges out there, consider this color. It has more gold tones in it to warm up a space but is still light enough to brighten a room. It's a great neutral and works well with different wood tones.


Oh Angelica, sweet, sweet Angelica. This color is just a wisp of pinkish-gray. It's perfect for a girls room when you don't want an in-your-face pink. It's so neutral and light that it could work in any room that you want to glow just a bit at sunset.


This is a cool gray with definite blue and green undertones. Against a bright white trim you can really see the subtle undertones of this paint. In a dark room the color merges into just a perfect cool gray.


This color is a breath of fresh air. I once painted a kitchen this color and it looked great with fir cabinetry and white shelves. It's a perfect subtle green that changes color throughout the day. Looks great by candlelight!

And there you have it! Let me know if you have any questions and I will pass them on to Maria. Aren't we lucky to have her!?