Journey to 50

There is nothing better than beginning your weekend trip away and getting the last spot on the ferry. A staart to an amazing getaway.

 Late afternoon on Geumes Island in the San Juans. Stunning...
 Our beach front accommodations. Doesn't get any better.

 When we have sunshine in February it is cause for celebration and a long walk on the beach.

 Some of us search for agates, hearts and beach glass.

 The reason for our weekend. Happy Birthday Cindy!
 Goodbye beautiful.

Cheese Plate

My birthday (week) has been glorious! Celebrating out of town for the weekend, lunching with friends the rest of the week. Mmmmm.... what an amazing time it's been. Celebrated at the Barking Frog in Woodinville, stopped by Molbacks for some holiday inspiration and opened a wonderful and creative gift from my friend J. A basket with cheese, olives and crackers. She knows... a special birthday thing I like that is (for some reason) too decedant for me to order out but once a year. 

Barking Frog

image from: ezra pound cake