The New Year!!

We all need renewal and new beginnings. It’s good for the soul to be sure. Some of us spent November being Grateful, December-Giving and now let’s make January-The Launch. Celebrated with clients today and we talked about vision boards, dreaming big, planning big and not fearing.

Here are some ideas to get you launched!

  1. Clean up your office, studio or work space.

Messy offices can clutter your head and create a backlog of paperwork. Get ‘er done!

2. Sort your mail daily.

You know it is only a 2.5 minute task that needs doing.

3. Sign up for daily inspiration.

My favorite is . Each day you will receive an email with 1 or 2 lines. For sure you are gonna smile and most definitely laugh out loud. It’s good stuff about loving your life… (You’re welcome)

4. A Netflix show to get you organizing: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

One cannot help but love this sweet woman who gently teaches you to get rid of and organize your stuff.

If anything, it will at least get you to look at your home and your “stuff” differently.


5. Less Talking and more Listening

It’s just all around good when listening happens more than talking…

6. Get more Sleep and drink more Water

Ya’ll know that goes without saying but it is often a good reminder.

7. Create a Vision Board with Action Steps

I guided a group of family and friends, with the help from my sister Sue, on creating vision boards. They loved the part of cutting out of magazines but did not like the more difficult part of the action steps.


8. Be of Service

Volunteering or giving is a great way to get those “life is good” vibes. I promise you-it works!

9. Make a quick list of 10 things you would like to do this year.

Post it where you will see it. One year I had something as simple as “Order a cheese plate". Weird, I know but I would so often pass on that in restaurants and it was something I just loved. I finally did it at the very end of the year.

10. Do something that scares you.

Step out of that comfort zone and take a different route. Maybe a solo road trip, a bit of networking, a job change perhaps, talking to strangers,or take a trip with my high school girlfriends. That’ll scare the crap out of you!

My husband and I were at a bar and a young gal approached us and asked us what our names were and what was our favorite movie. She said she was new to Seattle and this helped her get to know people. That would be scary for me.


There you have it. Your 2019 list.

I am proud of you already!