Seattle Shopping

A not-to-miss shop in Seattle is Watson Kennedy. You will go crazy for the displays all organized by color. The green section with glass, dishes, soaps, cards and more will send you. The lovely little blue section will keep you lingering through the layers of blue watercolors, file folders, jewels, stationery and trinkets. Little vintage jars of buttons, scrabble letters, typewriter bracelets and candles are all sprinkled throughout the shop . The owner, Ted Watson, has an incredible eye for treasures.

He sells this lovely chandelier and writes how it hangs in his entry and it is the first thing he turns on in the morning and the last to go off at night. I too have one in my entry and feel very much the same way. It sheds such beautiful light. It is very much worth the splurge.

Another piece I own. This white ceramic vase holds a plant for me but in the shop he inspires you to use it in ways you never thought of before.

Here again is one of my favorite artists Cody Blomberg. I was thrilled to see he found his way into this divine store. You will discover these beautiful paintings in the bird section of the shop and hanging upon the  trompe l'oiel branch. I just received another one for my birthday and am hoping for just one more so I can have a pretty trio.

I had a chance to meet Ted yesterday after my visit to the Seattle Art Museum. We lamented over the loss of domino magazine and other home/shelter mags. Wonderful man and very glad to see him still at the store.

Happy Shopping Everyone....

{photos..Ted Watson}