Leavenworth Golf Extravaganza

I made the cut this year. Played my cards right all year in order to get invited back again. Another fun opportunity to golf with a fabulous group of gals.

Last year I lamented that we had to play in the rain (no cute outfits). That all changed with the warm sunny skies of Leavenworth.

Mother bribed invited local artist extraordinaire, Cherie, who captured us after a very damp day of golf in 2014.
{Art by Cherie}

This year I am happy to announce there was a marked difference in our golf wear game.

As usual, Mother and Daughter were often near each other on the course. My score did not reflect it but we really were.

Never mind that this is a Par 3 and Mother already had her tee shot! No photo to prove it but I am on the fringe. 

We had putting competitions on the big course with our waters and the small course with our cocktails. Both worked for me!

And for the highlight of my week: The award ceremony created by me and really mostly for me.

One of my favorite parts of golf is the fashion so I had to share my unsolicited opinions of who should win my awards. 

BEST IN SHOW: Susie(center) Super cute, sporty, colorful and stylish indeed!

MOST GLAMOROUS: Kathy.(center) Her clubs are a black and white plaid, her jewels and clothes sparkled and she was perfectly coordinated. 

Thank you Mother of mine!

Golfing, laughing, eating, cocktailing... Who would not want to be a part of this group? Now I must mind myself in order to make the 2016 cut. Perhaps a new cute outfit...

Thank you everyone!!

Gambling, Golfing and Gabbing

This Stager girl was lucky to be invited to an annual golf tournament. I learned first hand why anyone who is invited says "Yes!". What a blast!
As a visual girl, of course I had to pick out the best looking golf bag. The ever so savvy black and white bag won hands down. There was not an official category for this but I'd like to offer up that idea for next year.
Another category I would suggest is the cutest outfit award but the rain dampened that part. As the rookie in the group I don't think they would buy into any of my ever so superficial award categories. I guess we came for golf...

The after golf gathering was another lesson in watch and learn from the pros. There was an abundance of laughter, drinking and snacking and the award for the winning team. Not for the cutest bag, not for the cutest shoes or hats, just golf. Dang, my new BFF's are serious.

On to dinner for more of the same: laughing, story telling, drinking and food. What fun, I think, for everyone. I am beginning to understand why this is a coveted road trip.
Alas, most everyone left so our last night was a mellow evening at a wonderful Italian restaurant. Perhaps I should have proposed my expanded award program to the smaller group. At any rate, you are looking at the Putt Putt golf champion-yes you are. Lowest score with a pocket of dollar bills to prove it.

I am not getting asked back next year. I just know it... because the word will get out that despite the rainy golf we had an outstanding time. No one will call in sick. Ugh...