Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

The furniture in our warehouse was dwindling, Sister Ex was out of town, it was the start of our Friday and our job needed finishing. Stopped at the nearest place to fill in some of the holes.

Bed frames and mattresses at Goodwill are always new and affordable. Check out the high gloss white folding chairs for $5.99. One click on Pinterest for ideas and they had me. I have some plans for them...
 A huge white rug that needed a good shaking and vacuuming and it was looking good at the job in no time.
 With our van in the service shop we had to make do with another mode of transportation. I did not think this was going to fit.
 It did and we were off to complete our staging and move into cocktail hour.
We find it a blessing when we are forced to get creative in order to make things happen. We did and it felt great!