Reality TV?

"Knock Knock" 
"Who's there?"
"Cable TV"
"Are you kidding me!?"

Sister Ex has been in dialogue with the peeps at Red Arrow Industries over a possible reality show filmed in Seattle. Like we need another thing on our plate. We are already juggling:

  • The rat wheel of staging 
  • Moving into our new waterfront warehouse
  • Our upcoming warehouse sale
  • Getting our logo on our "fleet" of vehicles 
  • Satisfying a particular "tough customer"
  • Worrying about the cops in Medina and a certain someone, who shall remain nameless, getting pulled over for going 33 in a 25.  (You speeder you.)
  • Keeping up with our new designer Lendy. (forget it, no one can keep up with her)
  • Parallel parking the van as beautifully as our Wise and Steady J

Ugh, it is all too overwhelming. In fact, I quit!