Portland finds

Fabric Depot has always been our first stop in Portland. I think we come away with a ton of inspiration that kick starts our shopping trip. We can and do purchase designer fabric from our local design center but this is a crazy extravaganza of fabrics in one room! The lines were long as well-love the fact that there are so many sewers out there.
 Hard see the vinyl above but it will be covering the couch in my 1962 Airstream. My original plan was squashed so this is my back up and I love it. Sister Ex pulled swatches in a multitude of colors for pillow possibilities and proved to me it was a very neutral way to go yet very hip.

 Purchased this fabric for a wall hanging for staging.

 Sorry for the blur from my crappy camera but wanted you to see all these fabrics. Sister Ex is problably getting the bird fabric below for some office chairs and 1 or 2 of the above for pillows. It all works so well together.

 Can you see a girl's bedroom unfolding? A bench at the foot of the bed will be covered in the pink and green. The print is Pottery Barn (I think). The pink will also be insets in a headboard. I'll have Sister do before photos so we can follow along.

Who can resist owls? This led to the purchase of a West Elm inspired owl lamp for a desk.