A day in the life of a stager girl

When my sister and I tell people we stage houses, the immediate response is "what a fun job!". We would not do it if we didn't like it but there is so much more to it than decorating. First we pick out our furniture (from a jumble of pieces in the warehouse), the bedding and accessories and load it on a truck. Then off to the jobsite for the unload.

We count on our movers to remember details like: bed frames for each bed, matching cushions for the chairs and couches, legs if they are missing, glass for the table base, etc. On this particular move they forgot a ton of things. It's an irritation and it cost money.

As the guys move in the furniture, we are unwrapping pieces and getting things in place. This late 50's style home came complete with and intercom system, alluminum windows, turquoise vinyl seating in the kitchen and some questionable smells. Our job was to translate the space into a more contemporary feel.

Danielle got the nasty job of taking down the existing dingy shower curtain and working on the bathrooms which we kept calling "her" bathrooms.

We started to set up the bedroom and needed to soften the windows and create a "headboard". What you don't see is the open door to the attached bathroom with light pink 50's style tile.

The basement was really dirty and creepy. We added a colourful Pottery Barn rug and created a cute family room.

Behind the couch was a utility sink and what we thought was a washer and dryer hook up. Once we found the real laundry area we realized we could sell this space as a kid hangout and use the gross sink area to play up the drinks and snacks.
 The living and dining room came out really well. We gave it a midcentury modern look.

 Sister Ex was across town doing a bid and some shopping. I thought the living room was complete but she walked into the door with 2 purple hurricane style candle holders and took our 7 to a 10. You can tell her what you need on the job and she will be able to pick something up and tie everything together.
I love the simple lines of the dining room with the fancy pants chandelier.

We  get everything set up and decorated, make a list of needed items, load up our cars with bins, bedding, pillows and anything we are not using (more glamour) and go back to the warehouse for another run. Then back for the final details, photos and we are done.

All photos taken with my little point and shoot camera.