Room makeover for my 12 year old

Mom's goal was no posters. I did not tell daughter that-I just guided her to do some framed art. (Of course growing up I had posters of Snoopy "Feeling Groovy", Elton John in his crazy costumes, Leif Garret, David Cassidy so I would not have said "no".)

Here was our starting point. One photo to help guide our color choices. The paint color is Benjamin Moore Electric Blue. You may remember, this is the exact blue that Carrie from Sex in the City used in her apartment.

 Then sweet daughter put together these swatches  to see how she wanted to add color.

We went from vintage white furniture, white and sage green ticking wall paper and a white iron bed to this:

We are still in need of a cute black night stand that I am hoping will come via a yard sale or junk store and a new lamp with a white shade.  Daughter has really cute bedding but she wanted everything white for a little while longer.  Super mom painted the bed and assembled the Ikea dresser.

These are the pictures she has hanging over her bed.

Daughter is thrilled and said she is motivated to keep her room clean...what ever works!

A New Home...

....for a couple of cute teenagers.

Thank you to a very special woman, Leslie, from Forgotten Felines, who matched us with 2 beautiful cats. We planned to get baby kittens but fell in love with the teens-I suppose my girls could better "relate" to them.

We have only had them since Sunday but they are settling in just fine. The girls wanted to sleep in the same bed and have the cats with them and it worked. Everyone woke up rested and happy. They slept the day away on a chair in my studio-always a favorite for any feline that spends time with us.

We are so thrilled!