Day in the Life of a Stager Girl-Shout Out

Not sure what we would do without our “Boys”. These amazing Movers of ours lift the heavy stuff (sometimes more than once since we may originally see something in one room but it works better in another). They are essential in our staging life because they know to ask the questions that will make our day a success. They know so well how we Stager Girls work and we appreciate that. We are all programmed to work as a team and make certain the truck gets loaded with everything we need to create a successful staging. It’s an art form in our world.


Pictured here: Marc (drummer & guitarist) and Marco (basketball player & fan). Not Pictured is: Donnie ( bar security & story teller). No job is too tough for them. From small condos to large waterfront homes - they are always there for us.


Matt manages our warehouse, runs around town fetching our newly purchased goods as well as unloading sold homes, being a 4th mover when we need it, and so much more... He spends a ton of time in the van and we appreciate that it is him and not us.

Photos by our now on staff photographer Gwen T.