Woodway Wonder-Staging

This Stager Girl will not lie-these jobs are tough. But the reward is great. First of all, we get to work on a fabulous home. The former home of Painter Morris Graves. I had never heard of him until we staged a job for Architect Extraordinaire Ralph Anderson. He let us go to his personal residence and select art for his Leshi home. That is when we saw our first Morris Graves piece up close and personal. In fact, we had so much fine art in our truck that we had to hire Seattle's renowned Art Conservator, Peter Malarkey to come and hang it all. We were far to nervous to do it ourselves.

The path leads to the pool and behind the pool is the sport court. What a setting!

I love to photograph our van in front of some of our homes...

Listing by Cathy Millan for Windermere and staging by Open House LLC. Art-Home Owner's