Friday's Staging

I apologize to our readers that they are seeing these photos with my staging notes. I am having huge computer problems and this is the only way to deliver info. to my people.... So now you can see behind that staging curtain of Open House LLC.

Circa 1912. The living room has very little natural light, beat up dark hardwood floors.
 My back is against the fireplace wall. Perhaps an entry table, rug and art?
 The master is painted light green-not a good one either. The closet on this side needs a little bench and the other side is more of a dressing room so I imagine the full length mirror or the vanity.
 The kitchen as you can see is original-not much to do here but add a butter churner.
 Art and 2 curtains for this main bath.
 The red walls will be painted a chocolate brown and the original fir floors will need a big 'ol rug to hide protect them.

If the basement is added we need to set up our typical media centered space with a round table and 4 chairs for the kitchen area.

Let's get out there and be the best stagers in all the land. 1-2-3 GO!