Staging a Tree House

Chapter 26 Sister Ex Gone...
Chapter 27 Stagers to the Rescue
Chapter 28 Warehouse fire
Chapter 29 Sister Back!
                                                   Chapter 30 Staging a Tree House

We actually got to stage a big beautiful home on Bainbridge Island but the tree house brought the most sister laughs. We started with a ferry ride and inspiration.

Lovely sunny Seattle skies and a pretty sunlit forest.

We loaded up the homeowners truck with tree house fixins and he drove it through the woods.

Day 2 we returned to find an inch or 2 of snow.

This is one of the big laughs of the day. I have followed Sister Ex across the Pont de Vecchio bridge in Italy, through grungy train stations in Europe, bars in Mexico and Hawaii but never through the woods to a tree house. I had to stop and laugh away. We sisters do NOT like nature so we were not in our element which made it even funnier.
 And here we arrive to the sweet tree house.
 Creating a little love nest... Danielle fondly refers to it as the "playhouse".
More to follow....