Not bad for a home we had only 8 hours to stage. We think it turned out cute-my camera doesn't quite capture all of the charm.
 Had to figure out how to fit a couch in this tiny room. The sectional works well as it has a hip look that appeals to a first time home buyer and plenty of room for seating. The chair had to be tiny because it sits in front of a closet.

 We liked out "smooth jazz" master bedroom. It has a nice Zen feel to it.

 It's always fun to do a teen bedroom. Never mind that we could not fit the box spring down the stairs-an all too common staging hurtle. We used 2 mattresses downstairs and 2 box springs up.

 The basement was cutely painted with high ceilings but unfinished. We ignored that and created a usable TV room and office.

 Put a screen in front of the furnace and water heater and hung a TV. It definitely paints the picture of its potential until the homeowner can finish it off.
Another fun listing by Julie Polkinghorn for Windermere Real Estate.