Day in the Life of a Stager Girl

Thought it would be fun to document one of our work days starting with moi! Beginning my day.

 The inspiration for the job was  based on the vases below. Modern and organic.
 Filling the "wardrobes" with all of the pillows and linens. See the greys and tans?

 Sometimes our furniture sits on the sidewalk waiting for us to decide whether it stays or goes.

 A stop at Kasala for a sectional. Shhh... don't tell anyone about this well kept secret outlet.
 Purchased this ever-so-cool lamp. Been wanting one but have not had the right job until now.
 At the job site and it is crazy beautiful. What a lucky family that buys this heavenly home.

 Sister Ex is overseeing a ton of activity below. Too many workers at the site so it is crazy.
 Preparing our sectional. See, isn't it a glamorous job we have?

 These girls are actually contemplating....