Class Field Trip

I had the unique opportunity to chaperone a class outing to see a play downtown Seattle. We (I use that term loosely) had to put about 100 students on 4 city buses. I learned some things:

1. I failed as a chaperone.
2. Chaperon can be with or without an "e".
3.The middle school teachers are a talented bunch. (I watched how they handled and organized the  students.)
4. Despite giving detailed instructions the kids kept asking the same questions. I would go crazy as a teacher  having to answer said question over and over.)
5. Our kids look great in their uniforms.
6. They are polite.

Here are a few photos of the trip.

 Passing the time with a goofy hand clapping game.

These boys eventually gave up their seat....awww

I just wanted to capture images (on my phone) that showed how the kids looked day to day. Nothing spectacular but I liked it none-the-less.