100th post on Staging!!

It's kind of a celebration around here with 100 stories and photos on our staging work. I mentioned it to Sister Ex and we began to laugh over the funny and not so funny things that have happened over the years.
We remember: 
  • Our first job made us exactly $17.00 (before tax)
  • Driving our own truck and loading our own furniture
  • Beginning in a garage
  • Moving to a vacant house
  • On to our first (run down) warehouse
  • And now a move to a large clean professional warehouse
  • Almost shearing the top off the truck under a bridge (FYI: know your height restrictions)
  • Naming furniture after our clients
We remember
  • Driving down the freeway with the back door of the truck open (rookies)
  • Telling the owners that our guys were on break (we didn't have any guys)
  • Hanging a huge heavy mirror in front of the agent and tumbling to the ground mirror, bodies and all. (I remember looking at Sister and seeing her cute hat askew on her head)...and laughing.
  • Carrying furniture and one of us inevitably starts laughing so we have to stop and start again
  • Renaming unkind clients...
  • Having half of our furniture stolen from a job
  • Having our furniture packed by the door ready to be stolen
  • Centering a truck (which means we almost rolled it over and had to bribe someone to rescue us)
  • Bringing our sick kids to work
  • Loading out a job and finding a Polly Pocket in the shower where our kids were playing.
We laugh at:
  • Mean clients
  • Our "glamorous" job
  • Arriving at the project without a couch and chairs
  • Each other
  • Sister Ex coming around the corner on 2 wheels
  • Firing Danielle over and over (she's weary of it but we always get a laugh) 
  • Putting holes in our clothing in the same spot every time
Shopping & Laughing

  • Amazing properties

  • Working vacation

    It's not all work...

  • Shopping

  • Tumbling Down